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10 Best Indie Games on Xbox Game Pass

In total, Xbox Game Pass now offers more than 300 titles offered for Xbox, PC, or compatible devices, leaving service subscribers spoiled for choice. With even more great games coming to Game Pass in 2022, there hasn’t been a better time to join the service.

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Of course, this selection isn’t limited to big studio titles, as Game Pass also excels at bringing great indie games, including amazing titles like underworld and Outdoor savages. There are plenty of indie games to choose from, and these are just the best of what’s included with Game Pass.


Spelunky 2

Spelunky Black Market 2

The 2020 sequel to the original roguelike platformer developed by Derek Yu as a Microsoft free game in 2008, Spelunky 2 picks up where the original left off with fun platforming mechanics backed by unique game design. Indie games often excel at 2D platforming, even making up some of the best platforming on Nintendo Switch.

Spelunky 2 continues that legacy in style, with great cave-crawling action that can be a lot of fun for any player. The game can also be played with friends, including a way to play the game in online co-op and have player versus player battles in Arena mode.

Outer Wildlands

A spaceship prepares to land on a planet that is about to be destroyed in Outer Wilds

One of the many titles that proves that being an indie game studio doesn’t have to mean your games have to be limited in ambition, Outer Wildlands is a unique open-world mystery set in a solar system that has been trapped in a time loop. The game puts the player in the shoes of a new recruit for a space program as they search for answers to the mysteries of their world.

Developed by Mobius Digital, the game is packed with secrets with ways to explore and discover them firsthand. Outer Wildlands is a game that uses its mystery to attract players and is one of the best indie titles to do so.

Cree Tales

Cris Tales Characters

Cree Tales has incredibly unique and stylish artwork, but it’s also a solid RPG worth playing for the touching time-traveling adventure it offers a player willing to invest the time. Developed by Colombian game studios Dreams Uncorporated and Syck, the game was released last summer, with Xbox Game Pass now making it even easier to pick up.

The player takes on the role of Crisbell in a beautifully realized fantasy world as she discovers her own powers to influence the weather, jumping between past, future and present to cause different effects. Although the game has some downsides and the turn-based RPG gameplay isn’t too different from the norm, it’s still a worthwhile adventure.

Dead in broad daylight

Survivor shot and watched by the Trickster.

Playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X on Game Pass, Dead in broad daylight was originally released in 2016, which means that the fact that it continues to hold a strong player base is a testament to the quality of the multiplayer survival horror game. In the game, a player embodies a character from the horror world, a killer or some monster, and tries to kill the other four players.

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This simple game concept results in a lot of thrills, scares, and laughs, depending on how the player wants to enjoy it. Whether it’s working with friends to try to survive the night or enjoying the power of being a horror movie killer and having survivors run in fear, the game is always fun.

Hollow Knight: Heart of the Void Edition

Hollow Knights encounters a mysterious entity on a pier

Gamers with Xbox Game Pass can not only play one of the most iconic indie games of the past five years, but also its expanded version in the form of Hollow Knight: Heart of the Void Edition. The game is a cool Metroidvania-style side-scroller that’s as spectacular as it is challenging.

The inclusion of the Extended Edition with new enemies, new upgrades, and more on Xbox Game Pass is just one reason to try it out now. The game actually put Team Cherry on the map as an indie studio and made them an indie game developer worth watching.


Image from Undertale featuring the main character standing in a snowy area with a Christmas tree

With the release of Chapter 2 of the follow-up Deltarune Late last year, there’s no better time to go back and play the original hit from the indie game that spawned a huge internet community and more. The game is now over six years old but remains timeless in its iconic pixel art visuals, memorable characters, and sense of humor.

With a neutral, pacifist route and, of course, a notoriously difficult genocidal route, Subtitle has a lot of replayability even for players who have experienced the game before.


Cover of the indie puzzle game Superliminal

For something completely different, Superliminal is a first-person puzzle game that is unapologetically weird and confusing. The game draws inspiration from perspective and optical illusions and it shows, as it often forces the player to step back and look at things in new ways in order to progress.

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The difficulty of the game is entirely dependent on the player’s willingness to think outside the box and be creative in how they try to solve puzzles, as well as their ability to not get frustrated with seemingly impossible puzzles. As one of the most unique games on Game Pass, Superliminal is an excellent title to discover.

Ruina Library

Ruina Library cover

A library might not seem like the perfect place for an intense fight, but Ruina Library uses its location wisely in this strategy game. In the game, the player is in charge of a library and must employ librarians to fight against guests, who turn into books when defeated.

Amazingly, this turns into an engaging and even addictive combat simulator style game, with cards and dice used to determine the outcome of battle. Ruina Library is the perfect game for anyone who loves strategy games and likes to see the format used in interesting ways.


Hades Zagreus with Hydra

There’s not much that hasn’t already been said about the indie dungeon crawler that has won countless accolades, including being the first video game to win a Hugo Award. Its console release this year meant it remained one of the highest-rated games of 2021, according to Metacritic.

underworld takes place in the underworld of Greek mythology, with the player taking on the role of Zagreus, a son of Hades, who wishes to escape from the cursed realm. To do this, the player must beat difficult challenges and bosses in an ever-changing world. For any gamer who has yet to experience the game, Game Pass is a great opportunity to do so.

gang beasts

gang beasts

Not every indie game has to be an artistic masterpiece, and for gamers who just want a game to play for a few hours and have a ton of fun, gang beasts may be the best game in all of Xbox Game Pass. The game is a ridiculous multiplayer party game that is mostly about trying to grapple with other players and game controls.

There are tons of different environments to serve as battle arenas in the game, including an aquarium from which giant octopus tentacles emerge to cause even more mayhem as players attempt to battle. The game is playable on consoles and PC and is great for playing with friends.

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