10 most memorable songs on the show, ranked

Like any series or show, Rick and morty makes brilliant use of existing and invented music whether for wacky montages or to intensify emotional moments. When not borrowing good tracks from independent artists or popular musicians, showrunners work hard to bring their own crazy music to the show.

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Therefore, Rick and morty‘s fanbase is served with quality sounds every season. Some of these songs even bolstered the show’s pop culture status. Here are 10 of those memorable songs both original, whether your musical taste is that of Jerry, Summer, Beth, Morty or Rick.


Rick and morty doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to take his story to a cutout like how family guy the fact. When they do, they make them count and even relevant to the story with a catchy girly song thanks to a space parasite that decided to call itself “Tinkles”.

You can find this song in the episode “Total Rickall” after Rick introduced brain parasites that implant false memories. Summer’s false memories were a lot funkier than the others and involve her being rescued from bedtime by a magical lamb who is apparently friends with a fake Lil Wayne cartoon.


Rick is no stranger to making his own music and has even saved the world once (more on that later). This is a surprising quality for someone who believes in nothing but it shows that Rick can actually do anything. Even though he’s become a teenager, he still rocks him with the “Little Rick Song. “

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Of course, that happened when he became Tiny Rick in the episode “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez”. This is where Summer asked her grandfather to transform into a teenager to protect her from vampires … at school. Either way, the calmly acoustic melody of the “Tiny Rick Song” is in direct contrast to its nihilistic lyrics which are actually Rick asking for help in a subliminal way.


Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 2 Jerry

“Human Music”, Jerry likes it – and it seems like millions of other people do too, not to imply that they are from Jerry. Anyway, who would have thought that this feeble attempt by the Zigerions to reproduce humanity in a simulation would be a success? 24 hours ago synthpop loop of this song on YouTube, by the way.

It came from the episode “M. Night Shaym-Aliens!” where the Zigerions trapped Rick and Jerry in multiple simulations to persuade Rick to reveal his portal gun formula. “Human Music” seems to be effective not only on Jerry but also on the fans, they like him.


Beth's Rick and Morty ABC

Rick and morty developed this penchant for introducing absurd songs but with sincere melodies attached to it. One of these songs is called “Fathers and daughters“or more aptly called by fans” Doo-doo in My Butt. “This is a special episode of the” ABCs of Beth “episode.

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Either way, this is the perfect father-daughter bonding song for Rick and Beth as she performs as they create a clone of Beth’s childhood friend from scratch. . Just ignore the lyrics and let the beautiful moment unfold.


Indie synthpop group Chaos Chaos seems to be a staple of showrunners for some dramatic soundtracks. One of the band’s most notable songs was “Can you feel it?“featured in the episode” Auto Erotic Assimilation “.

It was there that Rick found an ancient flame, Unity, whose true physical form does not exist or does exist as a population. Either way, they broke up; Rick took it rather badly where his grief and suffering was amplified in a montage of attempted suicide with this song in the background. It’s one of the darkest moments in the series.


I’m looking for this Rick and morty even darker moment than Rick and Unity’s breakup? The episode “Rick Potion # 9” has you covered with its spooky montage of Morty and Rick burying their own corpses after hijacking another dimension and leaving their old one behind due to an apocalypse.

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Accompanying this traumatic experience for Morty is the song “Look down the bridgeby rock band Mazzy Star. After hearing this song used in this show, you just won’t be able to dissociate it from the burial of your own corpse while contemplating the absurdity of the universe.


Evil Morty is by far the most unforgettable supporting character on the show thanks to the way he was featured in “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind”. As soon as he takes off that distinct eye patch, a haunting song begins to play, making it his official theme from then on.

This song is called “For the damaged codaby Blonde Redhead, an alternative rock band. It has no lyrics – only instrumentals and rightly so because that makes it the perfect song for a drink, and a cold, calculated speech with ominous overtones. .


Rick, as always, loves to show everyone what he’s got. So when giant deities start threatening to destroy the Earth unless the planet produces some great music, the old scientist can’t help but save the world. It was from the episode “Get Schwifty“where Rick made up a song of the same name.

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It was a hit! The song literally saved the entire planet and it’s more special than usual since Rick and Morty have collaborated to create such a wonder. As always, the lyrics don’t mean jack and the delivery feels almost impromptu, but there’s no doubt no one else on Earth could do better.


Thanks again to Chaos Chaos, Rick and morty received another hit song for the episode “Rest and Ricklaxation”. After getting their much needed detox spa, Rick and Morty tune in to the radio where the song “Spongey tissue“from Chaos Chaos with Justin Roiland as singer.

Needless to say, they loved it. It was also played in full in the episode credits and fans were given an example of what perfect and imperfect music looks like – forget the meaning, it’s a beautiful song, even if it doesn’t tell us what. in Judas Priest hell exactly is a “Sponge”.


The most appropriate song for a murderous fart from space trying to reward Morty by convincing him he’s done the right thing? Why is it none other than the completely unrelated “Goodbye men of the moon! “sung by Jemaine Clément in the episode” Mortynight Run “.

His most obvious inspiration was David Bowie back in his first “Starman”. It’s accompanied by weird LSD hallucinations and space imagery as the space fart sings it to Morty. Good luck silencing the fart about the moon men.

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