2021 Minnesota Vikings schedule: prediction of each game, opponent’s total wins, record projection

With summer on the horizon, the 2021 NFL season will be here before you know it. And now that we have a full 17-game schedule at our disposal, what better way to ring in the biggest year in league history than by going through every game on the register? Here we are projecting the Minnesota Vikings schedule, game by game, with winning totals for each opponent. Can Kirk Cousins ​​bring NFC North contenders back to the playoffs? Can this team really hold back the Packers? Let’s find out:

(Over / Under win totals for each opponent courtesy of William Hill Sportsbook)

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Week 1 at the Bengals

Line: Vikings -3
Opponent’s total wins:
O / U 6.5

Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase hook up early and often to give Cincinnati juice on the road, but Mike Zimmer’s defense is playing with an advantage against the coach’s former team. A steady dose of Dalvin Cook keeps the ball in the hands of Minnesota late.

Prediction: Vikings win 27-20
Projected recording: 1-0

Week 2 at Cardinals

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 8

Patrick Peterson’s Revenge Game! The longtime corner makes a splash as it recovers a Chase Edmonds fumble, but Kyler Murray finds DeAndre Hopkins and AJ Green too often deep, giving Arizona a slight nod at home.

Prediction: Vikings lose 28-24
Projected recording: 1-1

Week 3 against Seahawks

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 10

Russell Wilson is elusive, as always, but his line – even with new starter Gabe Jackson – can’t slow Danielle Hunter, who forces several key three-and-outs. Cook, meanwhile, has another big day at US Bank Stadium to lead the upheaval.

Prediction: Vikings win 26-23
Projected recording: 2-1

Week 4 vs Browns

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 10

Baker Mayfield starts off slow for Cleveland, with Peterson catching a pick and Hunter a strip sack. Myles Garrett is feasting on the Browns’ own defense, however, and Cousins ​​can’t quite lead the comeback after a game-changing score from Odell Beckham Jr.

Prediction: Vikings lose 24-20
Projected recording:

Week 5 against the Lions

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 5

Minnesota is almost slipping into its third of three straight home games, with Jared Goff looking keen on back-to-back practices to start the day. Once the Vikings’ D-line warms up, however, things quickly get out of hand, with the cousins ​​eventually exceeding 400 yards.

Prediction: Vikings win 34-17
Projected recording:

Week 6 at the Panthers

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 7.5

This time around, the looming holiday week almost throws the Vikings out early, and Christian McCaffrey is showing off all afternoon. A few picks from Sam Darnold help Minnesota control the ball late, and Adam Thielen enters the end zone twice.

Vikings win 29-20
Projected recording: 4-2

Week 8 vs Cowboys

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 9.5

A prime-time Halloween shootout. Dak Prescott broadcasts it pretty much overnight, targeting young Vikings facing Peterson, but Cousins ​​does the same, hitting Thielen and Justin Jefferson for big scores. Then new kicker Greg Joseph wins the match.

Prediction: Vikings win 34-31
Projected recording: 5-2

Week 9 at the Ravens

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 11

Fresh off an exhilarating victory over Dallas, the Vikings have hit the East Coast, only to meet a scorching Lamar Jackson, who has his way to go and through their first seven. Baltimore steals their style (run and stop the run) to win big.

Prediction: Vikings lose 30-20
Projected recording: 5-3

Week 10 at Chargers

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 9

The reality of the difficult stretch is really setting in now. The Vikings try to lean heavily on Cook on their trip to the West, but Justin Herbert’s air assault forces them to play from behind. A Derwin James pick thwarts a potential Cousins-led comeback.

Prediction: Vikings lose 26-22
Projected recording: 5-4

Week 11 vs Packers

Opponent’s total wins: O / UN / A

Desperate for a return to the winning column after two straight losses on the road, the Vikings are playing it safe. Too sure. Despite a methodical running game and an efficient Cousins ​​exit, Minnesota couldn’t stop Aaron Rodgers’ deep shots on Davante Adams and Amari Rodgers.

Vikings lose 27-23
Projected recording: 5-5

Week 12 to 49ers

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 10

Talk radio just keeps getting stronger in the Twin Cities as the pressure is now on to prevent a four-game slide. In front of former coach Kyle Shanahan, however, Cousins ​​is outmatched by the 49ers’ Trey Lance, who struggles his way to victory in California.

Prediction: Vikings lose 24-17
Projected recording:

Week 13 at the Lions

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 5

Just what the doctor ordered. Facing a total abandonment of the NFC playoff photo, the Vikings come back to life in Motown, where the Lions roam the QBs as Goff heals an injury. Cousins ​​eclipses once more than 400 meters in the air.

Prediction: Vikings win 29-16
Projected recording:

Week 14 vs. Steelers

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 9

Najee Harris gives the Vikings a run for his money, and Ben Roethlisberger fights to the end. But over a short week at home, Minnesota went about business, with Peterson sealing the deal with a red zone pick.

Prediction: Vikings win 21-17
Projected recording: 7-6

Week 15 at Bears

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 7.5

Windy City doesn’t exactly offer the best time on December 20, and Justin Fields gives Chicago more pop under the center. But Zimmer is bracing himself after a long hiatus, bringing the heat on rookie QB to keep the Vikings in the playoff race.

Prediction: Vikings win 26-19
Projected recording: 8-6

Week 16 vs Rams

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 10.5

Coming home is fine, but facing the attack in Los Angeles is not. Matthew Stafford is playing one of his best games against Minnesota thanks to a killer game plan from Sean McVay, who spreads the Vikes with short, deep balls.

Prediction: Vikings lose 31-27
Projected recording: 8-7

Week 17 at Packers

Opponent’s total wins: O / UN / A

The dreaded rematch with the Packers, this time at Green Bay. The Vikings’ defense emerges hungry, sacking Rodgers a few times earlier, but waning minutes pitted the No.12 against Cousins, and Adams helps the home QB out.

Prediction: Vikings lose 28-23
Projected recording: 8-8

Week 18 against bears

Opponent’s total wins: O / U 7.5

At this point, Bears coach Matt Nagy is essentially on borrowed time. This time, Fields keeps him very close as Chicago burns his playbook, and yet Chicago high school still falls short of Jefferson and Co. Minnesota claims the “W” in front of a loud crowd and waits for the others. week 18 finals to see if he lands a wildcard spot.

Prediction: Giants win 21-16
Projected recording: 9-8

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