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A Forgotten Adam Sandler Game Changer Is Trending Right Now

By Nathan Kamal | 9 seconds ago

Adam Sandler is perhaps the movie star who cares the least about what people think of him. Although he had fierce competition with Harrison Ford’s bad temper at the end of the period and Samuel L. Jackson’s total and total willingness to carry out any project presented to him, Sandler spent his career in demonstrate that he will make any film he wants, regardless of criticism. opinion, good taste, or really, anything but its potential for an all-expenses-paid family vacation and product placement. Sometimes that means he’ll make unexpected choices like the 9/11 survivor dramarule over me or a magical and realistic film about the identity of Jewish immigrants with Method Man. But more often than not, Adam Sandler’s own weird muse will lead him to movies like pixel. The 2015 alien invasion/video game comedy is streaming for free on IMDB’s Freevee platform and is currently in its top ten most-watched films.

Adam Sandler

pixel stars Adam Sandler as Sam Brenner, a former child arcade game champion turned somewhat sad home theater installer who is also the best friend of the President of the United States of America. As you might expect, pixel is not a film that takes itself very seriously; the President is played by Sandler’s pal Kevin James, who is featured in a riff on George W. Bush’s famous decision to continue reading to a class of children when he learns of 9/11. While the pairing of Adam Sandler and Kevin James has often spawned films like the nauseating gay panic comedy I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry and the various The adultsthey actually play well here as childhood friends whose life paths have diverged wildly but still remain oddly close.


The plot of pixel begins with the young version of Adam Sandler discovering his video game skills in a 1980s arcade, only to be defeated by a flashy and arrogant challenger named Eddie “The Fireblaster” Plant clearly modeled after true video game champion Billy Mitchell. For some reason, their championship match is recorded and filmed in space, after which aliens apparently find the recording, consider it a challenge, and invade Earth. The aliens communicate via CGI recordings of 1980s celebrities like Madonna, Hall & Oates and Ricardo Montalbán and use game models like Pac-Man and Centipede to attack. Adam Sandler assembles a team including conspiracy theorist Josh Gad and the grown-up Firerblaster (played by a very engaged and mulish Peter Dinklage) and the literal games are on.

pixel peter dinklage

While the elevator pitch for pixel might have been as simple as “Adam Sandler Defends Earth From Arcade Aliens”, it was actually based on an award-winning 2010 French short film of the same name by Patrick Jean. Unsurprisingly, Adam Sandler and his longtime collaborator Tim Herlihy added plenty of wildly broad jokes and Michelle Monaghan as a military weapons developer and single mother for a love. That said, Pixels is a surprisingly weird movie for all of its constant pop culture references and Josh Gad aggression. All too often the movie pauses so Gad can perform endless schticks, but it also has admirably bizarre moments like Dinklage longingly asking if he can assassinate the lovable 3D Q*Bert; Adam Sandler immediately tells her no and that they have to learn to understand the alien being. Then they can kill him.


It’s this kind of eerie darkness that runs like an undercurrent in even the most family-friendly Adam Sandler movies. The same goes for a scene in which an enraged general played by Brian Cox shouts “You heard Hall & Oates! You’ve ruined everything!” upon learning of Earth’s impending destruction. And perhaps the weirdest and funniest of all is a scene in which a giant, hostile pixelated Pac-Man is confronted by his Pac-Man creator. , Toru Iwatani (played Denis Akiyama as a mysterious genius, while the real Toru Iwatani makes cameo appearances early in the film.), who voices his belief that Pac-Man is good-hearted and his heart’s true son, only to getting your hand bitten off and running around screaming is another good example of the kind of subversiveness that manages to sneak in even in a movie like pixel.

pixel was another box office win for Adam Sandler, grossing nearly $250 million. Predictably, it wasn’t very well received and currently holds a grim 18% on Rotten Tomatoes. But despite all the Josh Gad and product placement for the 2015 Mini Cooper S three-door models, pixel is a surprisingly strange and dark film. Fortunately, you can decide this yourself for free.