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Airdrie production company to lead new game show ‘Rental Rewind’

The Airdrie-based production company has been given the go-ahead to film three pilot episodes in partnership with TELUS Optik TV for a tentative release early next year.

An Airdrie-based production company is currently seeking contestants and sponsors for a new locally filmed game show that will take viewers back in time to the bygone era of rental video libraries.

Crooked Cinema Productions, a small film and photography service founded by Airdronian Mitchell George in 2012, has endeavored in past productions to involve as much Airdrie talent as possible.

Rental Rewind“The no-late-fee game show” designed for moviegoers and academics will be no different, according to project manager Brodie Parker.

“We know there’s a lot of talent in town and it’s time to get everyone out of their basements and home studios,” Parker said of Crooked Cinema’s latest intention to showcase Airdrie talents.

As part of the game show, teams of three participants will have to answer questions, mini-games and bet points to collect the five VHS tapes needed to win the game and showcase their filmmaking expertise.

Broken down, it’s essentially a game show that was designed around the nostalgia of going to the movie store on a Friday night, Parker said.

“We designed a game around that theme,” he said.

Parker said point bets would be a bonus for contestants who aren’t self-described moviegoers, although having some film finesse would be to a contestant’s advantage.

“Certainly knowing your movies is going to be important, but we also want to make a really exciting game,” he said.

The project manager said that as part of the development of the game, there will be a lot of testing and trials going on to iron out any issues that the creators of the game show uncover.

Rental Rewind will be filmed in Airdrie at a recently acquired short-term studio, according to Parker.

“We have just secured a space [to film] in Airdrie, so we’re very excited about that,” he said. “One of the hardest parts was finding available commercial bays or rental space, because everyone wanted such long leases, and we couldn’t do it.

“We were very grateful to find the situation we encountered – a real estate agent contacted us and saw what we were trying to do and realized it, so that was great.”

The production company has been given the go-ahead to film three pilot episodes in partnership with TELUS Optik TV for a tentative release early next year.

“We’re looking to show TELUS that we’re good stewards of their money and that Airdrie deserves to have this industry,” Parker said. “Right now we are the ones who are ready to do it, so hopefully everything will go well.”

Rental Rewind will pitch local candidates and establish the business case for a local film industry, Parker added.

“Airdrie is hugely important to us, so we’re really looking to get it right and get the right message across,” he said. “We really hope this project gives us the license to continue to be the ones who can deliver this to anyone who wants to see it.”

He said so far the response from the local business community has been positive and there are sponsorship opportunities for business owners who want to partner with the show in the weeks and months to come. .

“We want to showcase Airdrie because not only do we need sponsors for our show, but we need to show that the community is behind this project – that’s important to us,” Parker said.

Additionally, the project manager said that Crooked Cinema is currently looking for product sponsors and sponsors for the construction of the game show set, including wood and building materials.

“Whether they are able to offer sponsorship or work with us in some way, [there’s] a good chance to get their name on this show, because as a game show, there are a lot of sponsorship opportunities, whether it’s a full episode, a question, or a prize,” Parker said.

“We’re going to be building a movie store in a commercial space, so as you can imagine it requires a lot of walls and things like that to put up.”

Parker said a wider aim of the project was to showcase the local film industry and highlight the fact that professional TV productions are coming out of Airdrie.

“This show is going to look good. It will be engaging and it will show that we can do it here,” he said.

Contestants for the game show will be considered in teams of three, with a requirement that each eligible contestant be over the age of 18. Parker said the show targeted those around the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, during what he dubbed “the golden age of the blockbuster.”

“We’re looking for people who seem like they can have fun and work together – everyone is encouraged to apply,” Parker added. “I was watching submission videos – they’re hilarious, keep sending them, they’re so much fun.

“I just hope we get the chance to fit everyone in.”

Teams of three who wish to apply to participate in the game show are encouraged to do so by the end of November via the Crooked Cinema website. Alternatively, companies wishing to partner with Crooked Cinema can also apply online.

“We want our show to be a hit,” Parker said. “We want people to enjoy it. We want our participants to have as much fun on set, because they’re not actors, they’re ordinary people.

“Whenever someone is on camera you see their face light up and it’s the best day of the week or month for most people.”