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All as a Service Game Changer

Computex, one of the nation’s leading managed service providers, #187 on the CRN SP500, has been acquired for $30 million by Canadian IT services provider Calian Group as part of an aggressive expansion into the United States. United. .

The addition of Computex – which will be part of Calian Group’s IT and Cyber ​​Solutions group – more than doubles the size of this growing IT and Cyber ​​Solutions division, adding 200 employees and two security and network services 24 /7/365 days a year. operations centers staffed by Computex engineers.

Computex, which was also honored as a CRN MSP 500 and CRN Tech Elite 150, offers extensive and in-depth cybersecurity services and certifications, including Cisco Double Gold, Double Master, AT&T Cybersecurity, Okta, CloudFlare and Cylance.

“It’s a great day for Computex,” said Faisal Bhutto, President of Cloud and Cybersecurity at Computex (pictured above right), the driving force behind the development of Computex’s cloud and security managed services . “Calian is a highly regarded Canadian service provider with strong IT and cybersecurity services that invests in our Brainware and Talent as a Service. We are their first major entry into the US IT market, which opens up future growth opportunities. It’s a very exciting time for all of us at Computex! »

The deal is a major phase of an expansion into the United States for the Calian Group which has pledged to expand its business as a service IT load with further acquisitions, according to Bhutto. “We are the US anchor, but Calian Group will look to buy other managed service providers,” he said. “The focus is on everything as a service with modern IT, cybersecurity and an IT subscription. It is for Calian Group to become a leader in services.

The deal comes as Computex – which, at $150 million, is one of the largest providers of security services in the central and southern regions of the United States with a full suite of detection and managed response – seeks to increase its service footprint.

“This acquisition will allow us to double down on our security services, cloud services and digital transformation initiatives for our customers,” said Worth Davis (pictured above left), president of Computex’s solution provider business . “We make it easy for our customers to consume everything as a service with our people and processes, along with our two world-class security and network operations centers. This will allow us to accelerate our progress in what is currently the hottest market segment. »

Computex’s entry into the Canadian market opens up a huge new opportunity for the company to sell its finely honed security and management services to this market.

“We are extremely excited to now be able to play in the vast Canadian market with our managed services and enterprise solutions,” said Bhutto, who was honored as one of the leading solution providers generation of CRNs in 2021. “We are going to take a big step towards Canada with a lot of capabilities that Calian Group does not have at this time. We bring all of our services and products to Toronto, Ottawa and across Canada.

About 25 percent of Computex’s customer base already does business in Canada, Bhutto said.

Computex has won a number of awards for its services prowess, including Cisco Innovator of the Year and Regional Partner of The Year in 2021 and Growth Partner of the Year for AT&T Cybersecurity.

“It’s going to allow us to deliver more complex solutions to the largest accounts in the world,” Davis said. “This will allow us to continue to scale and grow the business with expanded security services and offerings. This is a game-changer for our customers who rely on us to manage their entire IT estate.”

Another benefit of the deal: the ability for Computex to invest in more emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and operational technology, Davis said. “This will allow us to continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies for our customers, ensuring they remain competitive in a rapidly changing technology market,” he said.

Among the technology partnerships that Computex – which has more than 100 OEM partners – brings to the Calian Group include Cisco Double Gold Double Master; a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider; Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner; and a premier partner for Nutanix and Pure Storage.

Calian Group’s IT and cyber solutions group, which bought a number of security solution providers, reported a 42% increase in sales (in Canadian dollars) for its last fiscal year to 82.25 million. dollars, compared to $58.06 million. The Ottawa-headquartered Calian Group – which recently celebrated its 20th consecutive year of profitability – is a C$518 million business with four divisions: IT and Cyber ​​Solutions, Healthcare which provides health; Advanced Technologies which provides technical solutions for the defense industry; and Apprenticeship, which provides specialized training for military and emergency management.

Calian Group said the acquisition will add C$75 million to annual business and C$30 million in recurring revenue for managed and IT security services.

In addition to cloud and security assets, Computex provides Calian Group with a seasoned enterprise sales force that delivers industry-leading technology solutions to 1,100 domestic and international customers, including some of the biggest names in oil and gas, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and finance.

It’s no small part of the talented team led by Bhutto, a 23-year-old IT veteran who came to Computex eight years ago, and Davis, a 30-year-old IT veteran who joined the company ten years ago after leading the IT business for a number of large energy companies.

“The agreement immediately brings Computex’s US customers new security compliance and risk assessment services, as well as healthcare services,” Davis said. Plus, he said, it provides Computex with the additional financial and technological muscle to deliver expanded service offerings to customers.

Ultimately, the deal opens the door for Calian Group with Computex as the backbone to become a market leader in everything as a service, Bhutto said. “This marks the next big phase of growth in our journey as we celebrate Computex’s 35th anniversary,” he said. “We are thrilled to be part of a mature, well-established IT services company that shares our core values. They focus on making customers like us happy. It’s about going beyond expectations so that customers become ambassadors who recommend us to other customers. This cultural value is absolutely shared by Calian Group. We couldn’t be more aligned. That’s what really pisses me off!