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Ant and Dec’s ITV game show Limitless Win leaves viewers stunned by huge prize money

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly launched their new ITV game show Limitless Win earlier this month, which sees contestants answer questions for a chance to win an endless jackpot

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Unlimited Gain: Contestants cash in £30,000 and five lives

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly’s new ITV game show Limitless Win has left viewers stunned after more contestants scooped a life-changing cash prize.

Father-son duo Tony and Zee were the latest duo to take home a huge sum of money on Saturday’s high-stakes show, walking away with £250,000.

Viewers were frustrated with the number of people able to win a hefty wad of cash on Limitless Win, and took to social media to complain about the handouts of “easy money”.

“LimitlessWin is far from easy. Costing ITV a fortune! one tweeted.

Shop owner Tony, 52, and physiotherapist Zee, 30, answered general knowledge questions during their appearance on the game show and cashed in an incredible amount of money after answering just two correct questions .

Tony and Zee won £250,000 on Limitless Win

‘Too long to answer 1 question and this first pair answered 2 questions correctly and already banked £100,000, easy money,’ one viewer complained.

“How do I sign up for this Limitless Win Ladder game show because it looks pretty easy to win money?!” one of them joked.

“I think once you decide to continue from a good question, you should ONLY be able to cash out on the next good question. Cashing out seems too easy (despite what just happened),” another added. .

Viewers expressed their frustration with how easy it was to make a lot of money

But some were disappointed to see that some of the candidates were already well off.

“Such an easy way to make money, but where are the ‘normal people’ so far, a midwife, doctor and physiotherapist…they’re not short of money,” he said. he fumed.

Last week Kathryn and Will won £500,000 and announced they would donate at least 10% to charity.

Despite the complaints, fans were left with stitches as Tony and Zee fought over a life-changing sum of money.

The father-son duo will split the winnings between themselves and their family

Dad Tony joked that he would buy a house next to his son Zee if they made enough money, and said his two daughters would get a much smaller share of the jackpot.

“I keep £100,000, he gets £100,000 and we’ll give the girls £25,000 each,” Tony joked.

“Well done to those two. Well played the game. Nice couple of guys too,” wrote one viewer.

“Good to see these two showing emotion – exactly what you’d expect,” added another, as one fan agreed: “These boys are really funny on unlimited win. I hope they walk away with a lot of money, they deserve it.

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