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Arkane Studios could be working on a new Dishonored game

A recent job listing for Arkane Studios has led some fans to believe that a new Dishonored title might be in the works, returning to the iconic setting.

French development company Arkane Studios is known for creating experimental stealth action games that are well received by critical and general audiences. The most recent game from the studio, Death Loop, was nominated for several awards at the BAFTAs and The Game Awards this year. Although Arkane has made some interesting titles in the past, many fans have been introduced to the studio through the Dishonored games, and the first game and its sequel show a distinctive style in both gameplay and setting that has been attracting fans for years.


On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the first Dishonored game in progress, some fans are predicting that another title set in or around Dunwall could be on the way. This speculation has formed following a recent job advertisement published by Arkane for a Lead Level Designer. While the post doesn’t reveal which game the right candidate will be working on, it does provide information about the qualifications required for the position, which suggests that another Dishonored the title could approach.

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One of the qualifications for the position is to have an understanding of the design philosophy behind “stealth action-adventure games such as the Dishonored series”. Although this does not exactly confirm the existence of another Dishonored title, this means that this Lead Level Designer is unlikely to be part of the team currently working on red fall, which is Arkane’s expected next release and a co-op FPS. This means that the studio’s next title could move away from the FPS design of red fall and return to the stealth action formula.

Due to the reference to Dishonored being quite vague, some fans refuse to believe a new game could be on the way until Arkane reveals what he’s working on next. With red fall recently faced a delay alongside Bethesda’s other major title in 2022 star fieldit is probable that even if another Dishonored the game is in the works, development is in its infancy at best. However, to see another Dishonored the game would likely excite the majority of Arkane fans, as many of them were introduced to the studio through their revenge mission in Dunwalll.

Considering most purposes of Dishonored 2 don’t leave much room for a sequel, Arkane may have to create an all-new protagonist for fans to follow. Even if the studio does not return to Dishonored and creates a new stealth action game with a new IP, fans will always fondly remember the games around the stories of Corvo Attano and Emily. A part of Dishonored 2 the levels are even considered by some to be Arkane’s finest work.

The Dishonored is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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