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Build conversational skills and get a firm grip on essential real-life talking points such as travel, family, business, food, etc., using lessons, games, podcasts, and more. in as little as three weeks.

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It’s been two long years under COVID – and the world is itching to get out and explore again. Travel agents are reporting strong increases in bookings for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. And the World Travel and Tourism Council predicted that travel planning during the April Easter holidays was up 130% over last year.

But the real exploration of any new travel destination always starts with understanding the language – so it’s time to kick-start that travel prep work now. With over 10 million subscribers worldwide, the Babbel language learning apphas proven its worth time and time again. Now you can see how Babbel is designed to help you achieve your language goal.

With Babbel, your membership gives you access to training in one of the 14 most spoken languages ​​in the world. Whether you want to start with French or Italian, Indonesian or Swedish, Babbel is ready to help.

Backed by a 4.6/5 star rating from over 1 million Apple and Google users, Babbel’s Method, a process created through the hard work of over 150 language experts, can enable you to master the language you choose in as little as three weeks. Plus, they’re confident that once you have access to their 8,500 hours of high-quality language material, perfectly suited to 10-minute lessons adapted to the schedulelearning is quick and natural.

Babbel starts by helping you develop conversational skills every speaker needs, helping learners master essential real-life talking points such as travel, family, business, food, and more. Then, from lessons to games to podcasts and more, Babbel takes you from simple words and phrases to full sentences and then to real dialogue with native speakers as your understanding of the language grows from holistic way.

As you progress, Babbel’s personalized lesson reviews keep you on track, using voice recognition technology to assess whether you speak and understand your new language.

Understand a new culture, discover its inhabitants and learn a language that speaks to you while earning up to 60% off a Babbel Language Learning subscription now.

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