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BBC One Game Show ‘This Is MY House’ Gets Season 2 – Deadline

BBC One Game Show It’s my house received a second season of ten episodes in an evolved 30-minute format.

The show sees four people all pretending to be the same person and that the house in question is their home. A panel of celebrities is then tasked with determining which of them is telling the truth.

It’s my house was created by Richard Bacon and Nick Weidenfeld, and produced by Expectation. BBC Studios manages the international licenses.

Bacon told Deadline he is in talks with a number of potential U.S. households for the format. “In the United States, the range of homes in over 50 states, coupled with Americans being the best liars, will make them a great choice,” he added.

The first season attracted an average of 2.8 million viewers. He was introduced by Stacey Dooley, who won’t be returning for season two due to the new format, which won’t involve a host.

Richard Bacon, creator and executive producer said, “I loved seeing the way the audience reacted to the show. Especially on social networks as it was happening. It gave me the confidence to lean straight into the absurd humor this time around. Plus, I’m proud of the fact that it has done so well with young audiences.

Pinki Chambers, editor-in-chief at the BBC, added: “We all loved Tit’s my house – so it’s really exciting that he’s back on BBC One with a whole new team of imposters and owners fighting to prove that they are as integrated into their environment as the crumbs on the back of the couch. It’s the guessing game that promises a lot of head-grabbing and humor.

Tom Whitrow, Executive Producer of Attente, added: “We are delighted to make the second series of It’s my house for BBC One. We’ll be dedicated to building on the success of the first series, but this time around expect more amazing houses, more bizarre humor, and more challenging gameplay.