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A children’s competition shows competitors allegedly sabotaging.

“I was on some sort of ‘kid’s racing game’ show. It was canceled shortly after I got on it. I can’t remember the exact details because I was 6 or 7. years, but I’ll never forget how they made me feel.

“Basically we were a bunch of little kids racing against each other to complete the most games in a certain amount of time. If you completed the whole thing (about 20 games or so) without running out of time or breaking some rules for each level ‘, you won a ton of crappy toys, or something like that.

“They did ‘tests’, meaning they recorded it all without us knowing it. I finished it all in about seven minutes – it must have been at least 15 minutes. level “took me aside and told me it was an amazing race, so I qualified to appear on the TV show.

“In the actual recording, the level assistants sabotaged me. They grabbed me to keep me from popping the first level balloons, pushed the balloons away from me, pushed the correct balloons towards me. other kids (you were supposed to pop balloons to find a key to the next level) and gave me a “timeout” for breaking rules I wasn’t breaking.

“I specifically remember running up a ramp, after being a LOT sabotaged by the ‘helpers’, to get to my next level. I was catching up with the other kids, and they grabbed my ankle and knocked me down. off the ramp. I was disqualified because it “took too long to get to the next level.” They forced me to sit on the loser’s area and watch all the other kids – that I had already beaten in the test race – finish the thing and win.

“I didn’t appear in that episode when it aired on TV. Not even me ‘failing’.”

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