Billions Go Unclaimed in Tennessee: How Do We Claim It?

It is estimated that one in ten people have unclaimed money in the state of Tennessee.

TENNESSEE, USA – Right now, $ 1.1 billion is sitting unclaimed in the state of Tennessee. And some of that money could be yours!

“About 1 in 10 people have unclaimed money,” said Tony Binkley of the Better Business Bureau.

These “unclaimed funds” range from a few dollars to hundreds. It’s your money, to get started, you just need to claim it.

where is this money coming from?

Every year, the Tennessee Treasury collects millions of dollars from overpaid bills, savings or chequing accounts, uncashed dividends, and various other reasons.

“This money could come from an old bank account or a credit union or maybe the government owes you money or an insurance company something like that,” explained Tony Binkley of Better Business. Desk. It was delayed or you forgot it and they tried to contact you but got no response so they sent the government to keep it and you claim it. “

So how do you see if you have some of this money?

First visit, you will enter your first or last name or your city

If you don’t get a response at first, try plugging in different versions of your name if it has changed.

It was true, I found my money listed under my maiden name and an old address.

So once you find a match, how do you claim it?

It’s free, you just need to enter your information for the government to verify that you are who you say you are.

You can consult the progress of your complaint at any time. I received a check within a week.

But when you go through this process, Tony Binkley of the Better Business Bureau said to make sure you are safe.

“You still want to look around this site. Make sure you are working with a site that has ‘https’ at the start. Some security.”

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