Biman to sell two Airbuses

Meanwhile, Biman has already grounded both planes as part of his attempt to phase them out due to excessive fuel consumption. According to senior airline officials, the two Airbus 310s were grounded on September 29 to sell the two aircraft. In this regard, the airline management is now considering launching an international tender notice to get a better price. In an interview with the Dhaka Tribune, the chairman of the board of directors of Biman, Air Marshal Enamul Bari (retired) said: consumption. “Earlier, Biman grounded four DC-10 planes which could not be sold despite repeated efforts. The DC-10s were the backbone of the Biman fleet for almost a quarter of a century. In the past, the fleet consisted of six aircraft. Biman management had decided phase out the two Airbuses in 2015 due to their high fuel consumption and the unavailability of spare parts. Airbus, the manufacturing company of the A310, had also ceased production in 1998. In addition, it was regularly faced technical problems in the last two years. In 2007, an A310 carrying 236 passengers and crew suffered a nose landing gear collapse during take-off. 14 people were slightly injured in the accident at the internal airport ational dubai. In 1986, Biman purchased two new twin-engine widebody Airbus A310s for its fleet to operate flights across the Middle East, Southeast Asia and regional flights. She later bought two more A310s from Singapore Airlines and Air Jamaica. At the very beginning, the two A310s served the national flag carrier smoothly because the aircraft was fuel efficient. An engineer from Biman said: “Over the past five years, the fuel consumption of the A310 on its medium-long-haul flight has increased unexpectedly, which was not bearable. In addition, the parts and equipment of the aircraft are not available as only a few airlines operate this type of aircraft, he added. Biman is one of the smallest airlines in Asia, operating just 10 planes on a network of 22 destinations, including 19 international and three in Bangladesh. Its fleet currently consists of four 777-300ERs, two 777-200ERs, two 737-800s and two A310s.

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