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Bullsh*t the Game Show just cracked Netflix’s top 10 – and it’s awesome

On a traditional game show, if a contest doesn’t know the correct answer, that would usually be a major problem, but that’s not the case on Netflix’s new quiz series: Bullsh*t the Game Show.

In this surprisingly fun quiz show, participants must answer a series of questions in order to win a million dollars. So far, completely normal. However, the twist comes into play when they don’t know the correct answer.

Instead of making a random guess and crossing their fingers they’ve stumbled upon the correct answer, in Bullsh*t Game Show contests have the chance to convince a panel of three judges that they know what they’re talking about. If they manage to convince one of the judges, they will move on to the next question even if the answer they gave is completely wrong.

This inevitability leads to ridiculous overly detailed explanations as contests run between their teeth to convince the panel that they are an expert in world history or that they definitely know the nicknames Thomas Edison gave to his two oldest children. . The premise of the show is simple yet immediately engaging. No wonder it hit Netflix’s Top 10 list less than a week after hitting the streaming service.

While Bullsh*t the Game Show makes a lot of profit from the ridiculous reasons the contests try to explain with confidence knowing the answer to arcane trivia, what really makes the show click is how good it is healthy. Ironically, for a series with a curse word in its name, this is a game show with no nasty bones in its body.

Veteran presenter Howie Mandel is in charge of hosting, and he does a fantastic job of keeping an upbeat rather than cynical tone. The competitions presented are also almost all winners. Even though the panel that disentangles fiction from fact technically competes with the contestant in the hot seat, there’s a nice sense of camaraderie between them all. It’s lovely to see a show that’s basically about rubbish feel so friendly.

This isn’t Netflix’s first foray into the game show space, but it seems to be its biggest hit yet. While previous efforts such as Sing On! And Awake the Million Dollar Game didn’t quite hit the mark, Bullsh*t the Game Show seems to have found a receptive audience. The show’s first season is made up of 10 episodes, but don’t be surprised if Netflix quickly orders a new batch following this first hit.

It’s also not the only new Netflix show making a splash right now. A new thriller series titled Welcome to Eden has just climbed even higher on the most-watched list and currently sits in second place. Netflix is ​​truly unmatched when it comes to providing variety.

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