Cardinals’ Chase Edmonds focused on role, not touchdown tally

The Arizona Cardinals haven’t been shy about using running back Chase Edmonds this season.

In addition to leading the team’s rushing game in total yards (397) and yards per game (5.8) on 68 carries, Edmonds has once again proven his worth in the receiving game.

Leading receptions earlier this year, the ball carrier has managed 27 of his 33 targets for 172 yards. He is currently third on the team in catches and second in yards after the catch with 184.

But despite the multitude of touches Edmonds collects, one area of ​​his game hasn’t quite come to fruition as many believed with the heaviest workload this season. In seven games, Edmonds has yet to find salary dirt, still looking for that elusive first touchdown of 2021.

His counterpart James Conner (6), meanwhile, is currently second in touchdowns, behind running back Derrick Henry (10) of the Tennessee Titans.

“I hear about it a lot,” Edmonds said Wednesday. “I would like to have one. Obviously, everyone wants to at least have one. But what I’m trying to do is try to focus on my job, focus on the current football game, focus on the games.

“Don’t really try to force too many plays, let the play come to you. I hope they come, but for now my focus is on being the best football player I can be. … I would like one, however.

Kyler Murray on Jones’ Sunday Down Play: “Learn”

While Week 7’s win over the Houston Texans did a lot of good, there were also a few things that stood out for the wrong reasons, including the play of starting right-back Josh Jones.

The keeper has been beaten several times, posting a 15.4 blocking rating at the season low, according to Pro Football Focus. Jones allowed one sack and two rushes in the victory.

He acknowledged his game after the game, apologizing for his performance on Twitter and promising to bounce back Thursday night.

“At the end of the day, he’s my guy,” quarterback Kyler Murray said Tuesday. “In this league some of the most athletic men on planet Earth play this D-line game. People don’t realize how athletic these guys are, how good they are.

“You’re going to be beaten some days – everyone does. It’s good for him to go through these growing pains and learn from them. That’s really all I could tell him is to learn from it. It’s the NFL, you’re gonna get beaten.

A resurgence of Jones’ play could come in handy during the short week with injuries to other members of the offensive line.

Starting center Rodney Hudson continues to move in the right direction but remains in the injured reserve, while backup center Max Garcia is questionable for Thursday’s game with an Achilles tendon injury.

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