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Chewy Memorial Day Sale: Up to 30% off pet supplies

Chewy is a go-to for pet supplies, toys, treats and more, and just in time for summer, they’ve launched a Memorial Day sale with up to 30% off everything your pet needs and more.

To get you started spoiling your pet early, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite deals currently running on Chewy. Just be sure to catch your favorites now before they sell out.

$7.33 to Soft

This set of three squeaky dog ​​toys is like a little keepsake set of all the adventures you and your favorite travel buddy have had together (we love the dog taking on the Statue of Liberty). This is also part of the buy two and get one free promotion.

$8.52 to Soft

Frisco Frisco Outdoor Solid Texture Waterproof PVC Dog Collar

Cloth collars are the classic choice, but this PVC-coated one is waterproof and stink-proof, which means that unlike the old nylon collar, it will still smell decent if Fido gets caught in the rain.

$9.98 to Soft

Frisco Notebook Cat Scratcher Toy with Catnip

As part of the buy two get one free promotion, this cat scratcher folds out for more surface area. It also comes with catnip that you can sprinkle on to really spice up your feline friend.

$10.99 $7.71 to Soft

Star Wars Tie Fighter Non-Slip Ceramic Cat Bowl

For an adult version of Star Wars that looks great in your kitchen, this cat bowl features a graphic pattern of tie fighters and plenty of room for your cat’s food or water.

$289.99 $246.49 to Soft


This floral cat tree adds a bit of personality to your living room and gives your cat plenty of places to play and perch.

$29.95 $23.81 to Soft

Real-time GPS tracker for dogs and cats Cube

If you have a loose pet, this GPS tracker is a great way to track their daily adventures. Or if your pet ever gets lost, the device can be very useful when trying to find them.

$107 $64.26 to Soft

Modesto Milling Organic, No Corn No Soy Chick Starter & Grower Crumbles Poultry Feed, 50 lbs.

If you raise your own chickens or have chicks in your backyard, this 50 lb. The Poultry Feed Bag has earned five-star reviews and is currently 25% off, plus an additional 20% off at checkout. Subscribe to Autoship for even more money, making it a really good deal.

$23.01 $18.63 to Soft

Frisco Straight Triple Corner Feeder Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Bowl

Ideal for multiple pets (especially if one loves, say, running around the house with their bowl), this elevated feeder fits neatly in the corner of your dining room or kitchen.

$10.99 $8.71 to Soft

Frisco Silicone Dog and Cat Food Mat

Keep the floor around your pet’s bowls a little less messy with this silicone food mat – just toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher when it gets gross (it’ll also keep bowls from skidding).

$274.80 $186.73 to Soft

Armarkat Tiered Cat Tree, 74-in

This pretty intense cat tree is great for multiple cats to play and relax in, and it’s nearly $100 off right now.

$99.99 $70.98 to Soft

Automatic feeder for dogs and cats Arf Pets

Use this dry food dispenser to feed your pet while you’re at the office or away for the day: you can customize dry food portion sizes and even record a special message calling your dog to the bowl.

$22.99 $16.87 to Soft

Frisco Marble Print Double Elevated Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

This The black and marble stand is perfect for most home decor, and the three-cup size is perfect for small pets.

$29.99 $23.56 to Soft

Frisco Indoor/Outdoor Deep Dish Cuddler Bolster Cat and Dog Bed

Give your pet something deep and squishy to sink into after a long day of play – it’s also designed for outdoor use, so you can keep a cozy spot for your pet on the terrace or in the courtyard. Now, if only it existed on a human scale…

$15.99 $9.08 to Soft

Frisco Flamingo Dog Raincoat

It can be argued that dogs have been out in the rain for ages without raincoats, but, come on, this is a flamingo print raincoat, and it’s adorable. Grab it from around $9.

$12.99 $9.08 to Soft

JW Pet Whirlwheel Flying Disk Dog Toy

Your pup will love spinning this squeaky flying disc (literally) – it’s made of non-toxic rubber with a little vanilla extract, so it smells great, even after drooling over and over. It can also be stretched and pulled when your pet wants to play ruff.

$94.80 $55.24 to Soft

Armarkat Travel dog and cat carrier bag

This pet carrier makes it easy to take your pet to the vet or on a little adventure, and with the extra 15% off at checkout, it’s approaching half the price right now.

$71.99 $66.30 to Soft

Yaheetech Outdoor Collapsible Hard Plastic Pool for Dogs and Cats

It becomes warm outdoors, and this pool is the perfect way for your pet to cool off when the sun is beating down. It has a non-slip bottom and best of all, you don’t have to sweat on an air pump to inflate it; just unfold it and fill it up.

$49.99 $34.81 to Soft

Petcube Cam HD Monitoring with Vet Cat Pet Camera

Pet tech is getting cheaper and cheaper these days, and if you want to keep an eye on your pet for your own amusement while you’re out of the house all day, this camera will be the go-to. lens you need to keep an eye on things. . Even better, the app lets you call a professional vet if his behavior gets weird (worrisome) during the day.

$46.49 $36.25 to Soft

Tuffy's Arnie the Armadillo Plush Dog Toy

This dog toy isn’t just adorable: it has three different layers for better chewability and can float in water if you have a pool or beach to play with.