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Colbert suggests another game show Giuliani could do but never return (video)

Like many people, Stephen Colbert was clearly disgusted that Rudy Giuliani had been asked to appear on Fox’s hit game show “The Masked Singer.”

So he channeled it into a cold, open gag for Thursday’s “The Late Show” that suggests another game show the former New York mayor could go on, then never return.

If you need a catch-up, read more here about how Giuliani, whose lawyer’s license was suspended due to his efforts to help Trump steal the 2020 election, was able to be on “Masked Singer “like he hadn’t spent a year trying to do this. Back to Colbert.

As always, the open, cold joke began with a TV news supercut explaining the story. Then came the joke, a fake ad for “Naked and Seditious: Traitor Island,” a mock reality TV show inspired by shows like “Naked and Afraid,” “Alone,” and of course, “Survivor.”

“A naked Giuliani, sent to an uninhabited island, and then left there,” promises the ad. “That’s it. That’s the show.

” What’s going to happen ? Will he succumb to the elements? Or find yourself covered in poisonous snakes, desperately crying out to God for an end to your suffering? Will a boar be romantically interested? The ad continues.

“I don’t know, I don’t care. In fact, we don’t even send cameras, because it’s not really a show,” the ad continues. “Just something we did that we thought you might enjoy.”

The ad promises “no food, no shelter, no wine”.

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Also, according to the fake ad, “Coming Soon to Fox: ‘The Floor Is Actual Lava’, starring Ted Cruz.” And if you want to relive the extremely awkward “Borat 2” moment we talked about above, enjoy it here.

Watch the clip below, now: