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Colors Tamil Announces Reality Game “Pottikku Potti”

Mumbai: Colors Tamil has announced the premiere of their new reality game “Pottikku Potti: RU Ready?” The show will premiere on April 3 from 7 p.m. and then from April 9 every Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m.

The league format of the show will pit prominent Tamil Colors artists against each other amid several challenges. The show features TV presenter, commentator Bhavana Balakrishnan as a host. She was previously the host of the show “Dance Versus Dance” season 2. Popular choreographer Baba Bhaskar will play the role of “super audience” whose vote coupled with audience votes will be added to the tally which will determine the last team standing.

The show is centered on a task mechanism with artists like actors Kushboo Sundar, Reshma Muralidharan, Madan, Darshini among many others popular shows in the channel are divided into two groups. The teams will have to pull four times on the lever of the machine which suggests a task at the end of each pirouette. Players will then have to perform the order which includes dance performances, songs, quizzes or other fun activities. The game ends when each team completes their set of tasks. Whoever has the highest score will be declared the winner during the show.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new non-fiction reality TV show, ‘Pottikku Potti: RU Ready?'” said Rajaraman S, Commercial Director of Colors Tamil. “With this show, we strive to celebrate the diversity of our channel by bringing together all Tamil artists from Colors under one roof. All of our previous flagship non-fiction shows like ‘Dance vs Dance’ season 2 have phenomenal successes and we are certain that “Pottikku Potti” will reach new heights in the non-fiction space as well.Furthermore, with this show, we aim to deliver on our promise to bring entertainment to our audience in the form of quality broadcasts.