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Cooperative sci-fi simulation game space for sale revealed with gameplay trailer

Friday’s THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 event was filled with announcements of new games. One of the most interesting and surprising reveals is the sci-fi co-op real estate development simulator Space for sale. THQ Nordic released a short trailer for Space for sale, followed by the launch of the game’s Steam profile, website, and Discord community, providing a solid first look at what could be a game worth watching in the future. THQ Nordic clearly has high hopes for him.


As indicated by his name, Space for sale is a sci-fi simulation game where players develop properties on alien planets with the goal of selling them for a profit. Played in an isometric perspective, players control a tiny astronaut. They take their astronaut to procedurally generated landscapes, where they collect resources and construct increasingly complex (and valuable) buildings and estates. Aliens are very demanding, after all. Fulfilling alien demands, managing difficult landscapes, and spending money efficiently are just some of the challenges players will face. Space for sale.

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There is, of course, another major feature that Space for sale players will want to make the most of it. Space for sale will have full support for drop-in/drop-out cooperative multiplayer with up to two players. It’s unclear exactly how co-op will work, but players will supposedly be able to gather resources and build independently. How the sale works and who benefits from the sale of properties will need to be explored in the future Space for sale revealed.

Although there is not much else about Space for sale has yet been announced, certain assumptions can be made based on the knowledge of the game developer. Mirage Game Studios is based in Karlstad, Sweden. Mirage Game Studios’ previous project was Small Big Workshop, another simulation game where players manage a factory, including its workers, workstations, and products. It is easy to see how this experience will help inform Space for salealbeit in a more accessible style of simulation experience.

It’s also worth noting that Mirage Game Studios has always been part of THQ Nordic since the studio was founded in 2016; it is not a third party studio working with THQ Nordic. However, he published Small Big Workshop under the HandyGames publishing label, while Space for sale will be under THQ Nordic itself. Perhaps this involves an additional level of conflict.

For now, Space for sale has no announced release date. As such, it could still be a while before more information is shared about the sci-fi co-op game. There are certainly plenty of other games to try in the meantime, with THQ Nordic having 43 games currently in development. Space for sale maybe it’s worth watching, though.

Space for sale is in development for PC.

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