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Could Square Enix announce FF7R Part 2 at the Game Awards & Predictions

The Game Awards, which is the biggest year-end event for games, will take place tonight on December 9, and it’s certainly possible for Square Enix to finally reveal a little more about it. FF7R Part 2, including a title revelation.

While Square Enix has stated several times in the past that it is working on the sequel, no official title for Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 was never announced. That’s why everyone just calls it “Part 2”.

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The Game Awards 2021 | Hype “Right Here” Trailer



The Game Awards 2021 | Hype “Right Here” Trailer





Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 predictions for the Game Awards 2021

Final Fantasy VII remake on PC and Xbox

The most likely scenario that I can see happening is the Square Enix announcement for the first time. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PC. There have been several clues in the past, from Square Enix itself, pointing out that FF7R would also be released on PC and Xbox Series X / S. However, there has still been no official announcement. The Game Awards would be the last opportunity to do so in 2021.

At present, Final Fantasy VII Intergrade has been out as a PS5 exclusive since June 10, 2021. That means we are nearing the end of the six-month PS5 exclusive mentioned by Sony.

FF7R The title of part 2 unveiled at the Game Awards?

Besides, I imagine an ad revealing at least the title of FF7R Part 2. It is Final fantasy and Square Enix we’re talking about, the game is bound to have a subtitle. I don’t think we’ll see much more though. We probably won’t see a real gameplay trailer until 2022.

The Game Awards see themselves as the Oscars of games for better and for worse. You can’t expect anything from the AAA Western space to show up. Final fantasy is pretty much one of the only Japanese franchises mainstream enough to be in the spotlight at the event, so an announcement is certainly likely.

The latest details on Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 were shared by Tetsuya Nomura a few months ago, including hinting that elements resembling a world map will come with “Cloud running in the wild”.

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