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Crash Bandicoot Wumpa League Rumored to Hint at The Game Awards 2022 Showcase

The prices of the game 2022 seems to be the scheduled event for the announcement of a new Crash Bandicoot game. Even though no official statement has yet been made, the available evidence is quite compelling.

Unknown pizza boxes containing Crash Bandicoot merchandise have been sent to multiple content creators, along with a date hinting at a potential Game Awards 2022 day reveal.

The “receipt” for the article, which was structured like a stack of pizza boxes, stated that Crash Bandicoot 4 would be available on Steam on October 18. A release on Valve’s platform should make the fourth game accessible to PC gamers. The payment had already been made public via Activision Blizzard’s Battlenet.

Crash Bandicoot Wumpa League speculation is suggested by a line on the side of the box

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Content creators received packages disguised as pizza boxes loaded with Crash-themed items, with the line “Want more? Try our new Wumpa pizza FOR $12.08!” written on the side of the box as a teaser. Via a tweet from @Nibellion, Canadian YouTuber Guy Eh shared a video of himself opening the giveaway and showing off its contents.

Still, many people think the $12.08 price tag for the “new wumpa pizza” is a hint that a new game will be revealed on December 8, the same day as The Game Awards 2022.

No known game has the name “Wumpa Pizza”, but that could be a clue. Wumpa League is a long-running Crash Bandicoot game. Although not definitive, the term could be an allusion to the Wumpa League.

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A multiplayer Crash game, possibly titled Wumpa League, is reportedly being developed by Crash 4 creator Toys For Bob. If speculation is correct, the release date listed on the Aku Aku pizza box could be when players see their first look at an all-new multiplayer brawler title.

Remakes of legendary games that many fans who grew up playing on the original PlayStation Crash Bandicoot the beloved children’s trilogy was a hit. Game developer Toys for Bob’s remakes of the Spyro the Dragon and Crash trilogies for modern gamers have contributed to the revival of the traditional platformer franchise.

Toys for Bob has shared a possible teaser for an upcoming title (Image via YouTube/Canadian Guy Eh)
Toys for Bob has shared a possible teaser for an upcoming title (Image via YouTube/Canadian Guy Eh)

As further proof that the team at Activision Toys for Bob is developing an all-new game, they posted a photo of every game the developer has ever made in August, leaving the space for their 18th game empty.

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