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Crazy Japanese Game Show ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ Returns to Amazon Prime Video in 2023

When it comes to game shows, the Japanese are known for their over-the-top challenges with absurd scenarios that require huge leaps of imagination. Nothing embodies it more than Takeshi Castlehosted by Takeshi Kitano and debuted in 1986 and ran until 1990. Since then, many versions for many countries have been made, although the original Japanese version remains the benchmark for shows of this type.

Despite its age, the television variety show remains a cultural benchmark for its creativity and humorous presentation. The show involves a group of around 100 competitors who complete physical challenges with the players who managed to complete all of the challenges winning the weekly prize money.

The show recreates video game-like obstacles, such as a slope where large round polystyrene boulders fall at intervals and a labyrinthine maze of identical pieces. Think squid gamebut benign and more intense physically.

Now it looks like 75-year-old Takeshi Kitano is about to return to his castle with Return from Takeshi Castle. The show will also move to Amazon Prime Video, continuing the series’ legacy of ridiculously fun challenges. While the series, which will debut in 2023, will be available to stream worldwide, if anyone can’t access the series, don’t worry. Full access to the entire Amazon Prime Video catalog will be at your fingertips using one VPN service.

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