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‘Crypt of Shadows’ #1 First Look at Night Werewolf, Man-Thing, and More Mystical Mayhem

As Halloween approaches, Marvel is proud to present CRYPT OF SHADOWS (2022) #1an anthology comic filled with some of the scariest characters in the Marvel Universe.

Stop in for a spell for all-new stories from your host Victor Strange, the vampiric younger brother of Doctor Stephen Strange himself. Throughout the book, Victor will share stories about fellow vampire Morbius, Werewolf by Night, Moon Knight, Elsa Bloodstone, Man-Thing, Laura Kinney’s Wolverine, and Blade’s daughter Bloodline. Our storytellers include Al Ewing, Ramon Bachs, Chris Cooper, Ibrahim Moustafa, Danny Lore, Karen S. Darboe, Chris Condon, Fran Galan, Rebecca Roanhorse, Geoff Shaw and Adam Warren.

A special first look at the issue shows Victor holding up a glass of red liquid in a page from Ewing and Bachs’ “Crypt of Shadows” story. In a page from Roanhorse and Shaw’s “Werewolf by Moon Knight,” Werewolf by Night lets rip a smashing roar at a costume party. A page from Condon and Galan’s “Down Came the Rain” pits Elsa Bloodstone against a mutated arachnid-like Spider-Man creature, while Lore and Darboe’s “Ni Big Ni Bad” sees Bloodline battle a fiery entity with a prerecorded summon. .

Elsewhere, a page from Cooper and Moustafa’s “Skin Crawl” awakens Victoria Montesi from a nightmare about Doctor Michael Morbius. Finally, in a page of “Endless Slaughter in the Infinite Swamp”, Wolverine burns on contact with the Man-Thing in the depths of his mystical swamp.

See below, if you dare, for a special first look at CRYPT OF SHADOWS #1!