Cyclone Amphan: 1,76,007 hectares of agricultural land affected

Agriculture Minister Dr Md Abdur Razzaque called the damage “not a huge loss”

The extremely violent right arm of Cyclone Amphan struck coastal areas of Bangladesh, affecting crops on some 1,7007 hectares of land in 17 coastal districts.

Agriculture Minister Dr Md Abdur Razzaque presented the initial estimate at a virtual press conference in Dhaka on Thursday, adding that the agricultural sector “has not suffered a huge loss”.

“We hope to release the financial estimate for the total loss by Saturday,” he said.

“60-70% of the mangoes in Satkhira district have been damaged, increasing the land area to an additional 3,000 to 4,000 hectares.

“We have already asked the Pran-RFL group to buy the immature mangoes for the production of pickles and chutney. Meanwhile, we have asked the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief to buy ripe mangoes from farmers so that they can distribute them as food aid, ”he added.

“In addition, the yields of betel leaves and small yellow lentils in Rajshahi were also damaged. Said the minister.

“Boro paddy was damaged on 47,002 hectares of land, which represents 10% of the estimated production of this crop in the affected areas.

“96-97% of the total paddy production in Khulna was harvested before the cyclone hit land. In Satkhira, this number is almost 90%. In addition, we had finished harvesting our Boro paddy production as instructed by the Prime Minister, long before the cyclone could damage anything, ”said Dr Razzak.

He said: “In addition, a total of 3,284 hectares of maize land (5% of total production) yield, 34,139 hectares of jute (5%) yield, 2,333 hectares of betel leaves (15 %) yield, 41,967 hectares of vegetables (25%) yield; 1,575 hectares of peanuts (20%) yield, 11,502 hectares of sesame (20%) yield, 7,384 hectares of mango (10%) yield, 473 hectares of lychee (5%) yield, 6,604 hectares of banana ( 10%) yield, 1,297 hectares of papaya yield (50%), 3,306 hectares of chilli yield (30%), 640 hectares of soybean yield (50%), 7,973 hectares of small yellow lentil yield ( 50%) and 6,528 hectares of Aush paddy yield were damaged by Cyclone Amphan.

“The extremely severe cyclone made landfall in 47 districts of our country. The overall damage is calculated according to the information provided by the sub-assistants of the agricultural agents in the area concerned.

“A list of affected farmers is being prepared. Various incentives including free fertilizers, seeds and financial assistance will be provided to them during the Aman season. Producers of vegetables and spices will be particularly compensated, ”added the Minister.

“In addition, fruit growers and betel leaf producers will benefit from a loan with only 4% interest. We will also provide compensation based on the damage suffered.

“Vegetable and flower growers are the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic shutdown. We will also compensate them by providing them with free irrigation facilities, ”said Dr Razzaque.

Cyclone Fani, which struck on May 4, 2019, damaged crops on 63,063 hectares of land.

Cyclone Bulbul hit coastal areas of Bangladesh on November 9, 2019, affecting some 2,89,006 hectares of land while crops on 22,836 hectares were damaged.

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