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Danger! star Mayim Bialik reveals ‘awkward’ encounter with game show fan who ‘didn’t know’ she hosts with Ken Jennings

DANGER! Star Mayim Bialik has revealed an ‘awkward’ encounter with a viewer who didn’t know she was hosting the game show with Ken Jennings.

The actress shared the unexpected break-in on her Instagram.


Mayim Bialik from Jeopardy! revealed his “most awkward” encounter with a fan to dateCredit: Instagram / Mayim Bialik
In a new video, she revealed she met someone who was unaware and disappointed that Ken Jennings wasn't the only host


In a new video, she revealed she met someone who was unaware and disappointed that Ken Jennings wasn’t the only hostCredit: ABC

Jeopardy Season 38! ended on July 31 and is now airing reruns until season 39 begins airing on September 12.

When the beloved quiz returns, alum Ken, 48, will definitely share hosting duties with Mayim, 46.

The major decision that the two would replace Alex Trebek was announced on the game show’s website last month.

But apparently all this was new for a viewer – explained Mayim.

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She shared an Instagram video facing the camera without glasses with her brunette hair pulled back, a touch of makeup and a nervous smile.

Her boyfriend Jonathan Cohen stood behind her as Mayim recounted what happened.

She started, “I went to the lobby of where I was shooting this Jeopardy! shoot today and [a] the man wore a mask and i was with [my assistant].

“[My assistant] said to the man, ‘We’re here for a Jeopardy! pull.'”

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She recalled: “The guy is like, ‘Oh, are you going to be on the show?’ and it was a little awkward.”

Mayim’s boyfriend joked, “Like, you’re a guest.”

Mayim continued: “I was really tired. I was like ‘I’m the host.’ And he was like ‘What about Ken Jennings?’

“And I said, ‘Well, we’re actually splitting the chores.’

“And he [the fan] was like ‘Oh.’

Boyfriend Jonathan then hinted what that person was thinking: “‘I don’t watch when that other woman is on!'”

Mayim then apparently tried to bury the hatchet, she recalled, as the fan asked her if she knew the late host Alex was Canadian.

“Yeah, I knew that,” Mayim recalled, as the fan was also Canadian.

“Montreal is a city, isn’t it?” Mayim then asked her partner in the video, who is from Montreal, to try to laugh it all off.

She concluded, “It’s a city.”


Mayim has gotten some light marks since she started hosting the beloved smart show, it has been revealed.

The executive producers asked her not to turn around and thank an “imaginary” announcer Johnny Gilbert in her intro as the 94-year-old recorded them from home.

When she came out onstage, she was saying “thank you Johnny” to an empty space offstage when Ken knew he just had to thank the camera.

Mayim also told The Daily Beast that she was asked to “tone down how excited I get when people get them. [clues] right, which I think is a great grade to get.”

In February, fans also went into a frenzy after Mayim called the first round a “Single Jeopardy”, going so far as to demand that she be fired for trying to change the show.

The TV star responded to the backlash by apologizing in an interview with Yahoo, promising never to utter the words again.

“If it wasn’t right, they would have made me redo it. I’m hardly acting alone… there’s so much we re-record,” she insisted.

“If it literally wasn’t kosher, there’s a million producers and writers and researchers out there and they’re all listening to me.”

She continued, “I say things all the time where they’ll be like, ‘What? Do it again.’ So it’s not like, ‘Mayim goes rogue!’ It’s all very carefully watched. There’s something in my ear, I promise.


Ken and Mayim began replacing the legendary Alex after his tragic passing in 2020 and a fleet of celebrity hosts in season 37.

The build-up to the final decision announced last month has feverish fans picking sides — largely viewers preferred alum Ken in online polls — in a lively 2-year-old category of culture discussion. pop.

Before them, however, previous guest hosts included former executive producer Mike Richards who even scored the host’s gig from the inside before it was “reversed”.

When Season 39 begins, Ken will host episodes that air September 12 through January.

Mayim will then take the reins for episodes airing in January until the end of the season – as long as she is available while continuing with her Fox comedy Call Me Kat.

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Mayim will also host the Celebrity Jeopardy spin-off! while Ken will host the Second Chance Tournament – the cast of which was announced this month.

It also hosts the heavier expanded Tournament of Champions announced last week.

Mayim said the fan asked


Mayim said the fan asked “why was she recording Jeopardy!”Credit: YouTube
She had to tell him both that she and Ken


She had to tell him both that she and Ken “divided the duties”Credit: Instagram / Mayim Bialik
Ken and Mayim have officially taken over from late host Alex Trebek after a 2-year host hunt


Ken and Mayim have officially taken over from late host Alex Trebek after a 2-year host hunt1 credit