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Destiny 2 Game Awards trailer reveals important details about Mars

The Hive Guardians are a great addition to the game as they allow players to experience what it is like to play against immortal creatures who rely on their elusive ghosts to resurrect indefinitely, harnessing the powers of the Light. The latest Destiny 2 trailer for The Witch Queen just uploaded at the 2021 Game Awards, showing off an intense fight streak between the Guardians and a mighty Hive Knight. The trailer puts a lot of emphasis on the combat and strength of Hive Guardians, but perhaps the most important detail comes from the trailer’s introduction and Geoff Keighley’s commentary at the end, alluding to to something big about Mars. RELATED: Destiny 2 Datamine Suggests Dawning’s Glacioclasm Fusion Rifle Will Be OP

New Destiny 2 trailer hints at the return of Mars.If players can make it to Mars during The Witch Queen’s opening mission, does that mean the entire planet will be explorable again? This question will likely go unanswered for some time to come, but the fact that planets and vaulted locations may still return at some point is exciting. Additionally, Destiny 2’s Mars is where Rasputin’s mind primarily resides, and it’s worth noting that the Warmind was disabled by darkness during the Arrivals season, potentially hinting at the return of artificial intelligence. .

This means that it is confirmed that Mars is returning as a destination in Destiny 2, even if it is only for a mission, which means that there could be a lot more to the disappearance of the Red Planet and the others. vaulted locations. It’s not impossible that this location on Mars is brand new, but there’s a good chance Bungie will bring Mars back from Destiny to Destiny 2, possibly where iconic missions have taken place. Either way, the return of Mars to Destiny 2 is big news, and it raises questions about the future of the game and the Light and Darkness saga. Overall, Mars being where The Witch Queen’s campaign begins is probably no coincidence, and there will be some interesting story threads to pick up there, more than a year since the players were able to visit the planet for the last time in the game.

The events involve the aforementioned fight against a Hive Knight with the Light of the Traveler, with the Guardians later delving into the realm of Savathun to find out what she’s up to. Savathun herself appears in the trailer, seemingly wielding the powers of the Light herself, casting Void abilities that aren’t too different from the Warlocks in Destiny 2. At the end of the trailer, however, Geoff Keighley said that was all actual gameplay footage. filmed in-game during the first mission of The Witch Queen’s new campaign. As many Destiny 2 players now know, Mars was vaulted in November of last year as part of the Destiny Content Vault system which allowed Bungie to remove old content from the game in order to maintain file size. and reasonable loading times. Next to Mars, other locations were vaulted, and Bungie hosted a live event ahead of Beyond Light’s launch to provide an in-game reason for this – that is, darkness has enveloped the planets. vaulted and they were lost. However, Mars is mentioned again in the new trailer for The Witch Queen for Destiny 2, recounting the events that happened after landing on Mars.

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