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Dreadwolf title art may allude to game themes

The official Dragon Age: Dreadwolf title has fans debating what it means, but the color pairing is just as important, if not more so.

Although updates have been sparse, BioWare is hard at work on the next entry in the dragon age franchise, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. It was first teased at The Game Awards 2018 but has only just confirmed its official title. While more updates are planned for later this year, it’s nice to see an official title and associated title art revealed after so long. However, Dragon Age: DreadwolfThe title raises some questions.

On the one hand, the fact that Dreadwolf is an anagram of Fade World could indicate that Solas is somehow succeeding in his plans, or that players will be spending a lot more time in the Fade than they thought. On the other hand, it should be noted that this is the first dragon age title associated with the antagonist instead of the protagonist. But beyond the title itself, the color design associated with it is eye-catching, for more reasons than just being a nice shade of purple.


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Dragon Age: Association of Dreadwolf with Purple

Interestingly enough, purple has a strong association with the character of Dorian Pavus in Dragon Age: Inquisition, or more specifically, it has an association with his magical abilities. All Necromancy spells in the skill tree, for an Inquisitor Mage or a Dorian, are purple. And while that might be a coincidence, it’s more likely to be intentional. BioWare has clearly put a lot of thought into the title and its presentation, given the Fade World anagram.

What that might mean is largely up in the air, but it looks like something related to necromancy will take center stage in the story. It’s not a far-fetched idea either. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf takes place in Tevinter, a country known to be ruled by mages. There are undoubtedly other types of spellcasters present, but at the same time this is probably the best place for anything necromancy related (aside from maybe Nevarra). This is also where the Darkspawn first appeared and the First Blight began, and as they are basically dragon ageThe zombie horde (although not so simplified) could all be tied to a necromancy ritual or something.

What exactly this has to do with Solas’ plans to bring down the Veil remains to be seen. It could be that tearing the Veil would drive the minds mad, worse than in Inquisition, and a new tradition regarding necromancy may play a role. Perhaps tearing the Veil means “resurrecting” everything on the other side. Ultimately, what purple means is up in the air, but it wouldn’t be shocking to see necromancy play a big role in Solas’ plan.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is in development.

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