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Dwyane Wade Reveals He Modeled His Game After Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson: “I thought all of those three different guys’ games were something attainable for me.”

Dwyane Wade has been underrated by fans lately, but there’s no doubt that he’s one of the best shooting guards to ever play basketball. He notably won the Finals MVP award following the 2006 NBA Finals, despite having legendary center Shaquille O’Neal on his team.

Recently, Dwyane Wade opened up about the players he’s modeled his game on, citing Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson as his inspirations. Wade said he thought molding his game to be similar to those three players was “achievable” for him. (5:19)

“Was I the typical athlete growing up in terms of body and game? They probably wouldn’t say ‘Hey, he’s going to be in the NBA’. But I think when I watch a guy and I watch a team and watching players that I look up to so much, I just wanted to go out there and do whatever they did.

“So I’m a big Jordan guy, which everyone knows. But I was a big Allen Iverson and Kobe guy. These are my three games that I kind of followed and tried to tap my game after, because I thought all these three different guy games were something attainable for me.

When you watch Dwyane Wade play, there are definitely elements of all three of those players in his game. He had the mid-range prowess and athleticism of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan while being sneaky and creative when finishing on the rim like Allen Iverson. Everyone who plays basketball watches the players they love and takes parts of their game. It’s clear these players had an impact on Dwyane Wade, and Wade even called Michael Jordan a “superhero” when speaking. of the impact of the legend on him.

“I just remember being a kid and being lucky enough to watch someone who did everything right. He was playing basketball, excitement level, he was winning, he seemed like a tough, vicious competitor. Off the pitch, the commercials, he did it all. He had the coolest shoes, he dressed well, he had the perfect smile. It was like he was a superhero.

Although he based his game on what those greats did on the court, it’s clear that Dwyane Wade was a fantastic player in his own right. There’s a reason he’s managed to win three championships during his time with the Miami Heat, and few have managed to accomplish what he has in the league.

Right now, though, Dwyane Wade probably enjoys being part governor of the Utah Jazz and his own retirement. There’s no doubt that his legacy in the game is set in stone, and Dwyane Wade is considered a legendary shooting guard.