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Fifth-graders at East Side Primary School in East Cobb were sent home early Wednesday and ordered to learn remotely until August 23 due to an outbreak of COVID-19.

In a message sent to parents of fifth graders on Wednesday at 9:35 a.m., East Side said “the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and high number of positive cases” prompted the decision.

The fifth-graders were to be picked up Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. and could return to campus on Monday, August 23, according to the post.

“During this quarantine period, live instruction will be conducted according to your grade 5 student’s normal daily schedule,” the post read. “Right now, ONLY grade 5 classes are moving to distance learning. “

The post did not indicate why only 5th grade classes are affected, nor how many cases of COVID-19 and close contacts have been determined.

Nor did a spokesperson for the Cobb School District, who provided East Cobb News only with the following message:

“Based on our district protocols, the fifth grade students at East Side Elementary School will practically learn from August 12 to 20. When it is not possible to provide high quality instruction in a classroom, due to the number of students or staff in quarantine, we look forward to each student receiving a high quality virtual experience. thanks to Cobb teachers and the Cobb Teaching and Learning System (CTLS). “

East Side developments arrive a week after the neighborhood revised its protocols last week to “strongly encourage” the use of masks and demand masks for 10 days for asymptomatic people who have been allowed to return to school after being exposed to the virus.

In the first week of class, Cobb reported 185 cases of COVID-19, including three in the East Side.

Cobb remains one of the few subway school districts in Atlanta without a mask warrant.

Some parents have scheduled a rally at Cobb School District headquarters on Thursday afternoon require a mask warrant.

COVID-19 transmission rates in Cobb County have increased rapidly over the past month, well above the ‘high community spread’ threshold of a 14-day average of 100 cases per 100,000 people .

Cobb and Douglas Public Health director Dr. Janet Memark told Cobb commissioners on Tuesday this figure approaches 500 cases per 100,000, the two PCR and Antigen tests combined.

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