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Elkhart Co. native contestant on a game show with Jay Leno

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) – Of all the random social media messages Nathan Hite has received over the past year, one has definitely stood out.

“He knew a lot of details. And usually, when they put details, it’s like it’s legit. That’s cool,” Hite remarked.

Hite’s legendary Boy Scout career – he is the most decorated Boy Scout in US history – has caught the attention of producers for You bet your life, Jay Leno’s reboot of the classic quiz show long hosted by comedian Groucho Marx.

“It’s weird to think that the Boy Scouts got me on a game show,” Hite said. “I never would have expected it at all. But yeah, it’s really cool to think about, I guess.

Hite and his show partner split $5,000 in earnings when the episode aired in late September.

“I didn’t do very well. I didn’t answer any other questions, but I don’t care. My friends are giving me a hard time,” Hite said. “It was a good time anyway.”

On the one hand, he met Jay Leno.

“He made you feel very welcome,” Hite said. “It was a good time to meet him, to play with jokes. And it was just – he’s a great guy.

The best part was meeting people from all walks of life.

“I made lifelong connections that I never would have made if I hadn’t been on the show,” Hite said.

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