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Evil Dead Game Teases Army of Darkness DLC

With the release of Evil Dead: The Game just days away, the developer is already teasing fans with concept art for upcoming DLCs.

The highly anticipated Evil Dead: The Game is one of the latest entries in the list of horror games for 2022. The film series the game is based on is an 80s cult classic helmed by director Sam Raimi. Although the game is only days away from launch, the developers have already started sharing teasers for what horror fans can expect. evil Dead In the coming months.

Evil Dead: The Game was first unveiled at The Game Awards 2020 with a focus on multiplayer team play. However, following the backlash of the lack of single-player content, the game was eventually delayed to build on its single-player offering. Now, as the title’s launch nears, developer Saber Interactive has shared more details about Evil Dead: The Gamethe story. This was followed by the developers sharing concept art for some of the post-launch content. Evil Dead: The Game will feature.


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In a tweet from the game’s official account, concept art offers a glimpse of Kandar Castle from army of darkness as well as a sketch of the map. The developers state that the army of darkness The DLC will be free for everyone Evil Dead: The Game players and that it is one of many DLCs in the works. While not much else is known regarding a possible release date or content updates, news of several DLCs for the game should get a lot of people excited. evil Dead Fans.

But the game is not the only novelty evil Dead happy to debut the year as director Sam Raimi returns to the film franchise with the sequel Evil Dead Rise. The film is slated for release later in 2022 on HBO Max, and Raimi claims that Evil Dead Rise will be terrifying, having seen various cuts of the film. Although there is no official confirmation that Evil Dead: The Game will feature Raimi’s latest film, it’s not unlikely fans will get to see Evil Dead Rise game content in future DLC.

All in all, 2022 turned out to be a promising year for horror fans. This year’s list of horror games includes Dying Light 2, dead space remake, The Callisto Protocol, STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl, and others like Ring of Elden and Ghostwire: Tokyo. On the cinema side, fans have already been delighted with titles like Scream, No Exit, X, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022), and more. Anyway, the output of Evil Dead: The Game promises to be an interesting addition to the horror genre.

Evil Dead: The Game releases May 13, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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