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Evolution launches the MONOPOLY Big Baller Game Show

Evolution unveiled a new Live casino game inspired by MONOPOLY. MONOPOLY Big Baller is a new game show-style live bingo game that is now available for corporate partners. The game comes with a live game host and automated ball drawing.

All aboard with MONOPOLY Big Baller

Once again, MR MONOPOLY will be present in the game thanks to augmented reality and a dedicated 3D environment where the mustachioed gentleman enters. Evolution will feature multipliers which can influence gameplay and significantly increase the final payout to players as well.

MONOPOLY Big Baller is reminiscent of the basic MONOPOLY Live Casino game developed by Evolution. It features dice rolls, Free Space, Chance and Go to Jail spaces, and much more. In Big Baller, however, players board a riverboat cruise where a ball-draw machine will be the one to drive the gameplay and action.

Players will then have to make successful combinations of numbers in rows – the more the better. There will be all sorts of bonuses interwoven into the gameplay to make the element of surprise run through the sessions and make people feel more involved and entertained.

A dedicated Bonus Game will evoke MR MONOPOLY in augmented reality with the man walking on a virtual 3D MONOPOLY board. Overall, Big Baller reflects Evolution’s ambition to continue to improve the casino experience by finding new and creative ways to create new products. Commenting on the launch, Evolution CPO Todd Haushalter said:

Mr. MONOPOLY is back in style! We have a large segment of players who love bingo and lottery style bouncing ball games. Our Mega Ball game, for example, is hugely popular.

Evolution CPO Todd Haushalter

Franchise universally recognized and appreciated

The new game is thematically and visually very different, which sets it apart. The Bonus Round is something to look out for. Part of the success of the game is also based on the notoriety of the MONOPOLY brand. The board’s premise is well understood and appreciated around the world, Haushalter added.

That’s why the new game will appeal to both MONOPOLY and bingo fans. Currently, the MONOPOLY trademark and intellectual property is owned by Hasbro who licenses it to Evolution.