Fight Archives: BJ Penn subdues Takanori Gomi in action-packed three-round

After 18 years in the punching business, former UFC Champion BJ Penn decided to get into politics.

On Monday, the 42-year-old declared his intention to run for governor of Hawaii in 2022. And depending on where you fall in the spectrum, you’ve been either shocked, dismayed, thrilled or left no surprise upon hearing the ad.

As someone who hates everything political, I prefer to remember “The Prodigy” for who he was. And to try to eclipse this news, I chose to go back to one of his previous performances. This one was in his first appearance in K-1 in 2003 against the one and only “Fireball Kid”, Takanori Gomi.

Now remember, this was a 25 year old Penn who had only been competing pro for two years. He was up against an established veteran who at the time was 14-1.

But from how the first few minutes of action unfolded, it was the Hawaiian who seemed to be the most experienced fighter. He mixed things up fluidly. And as a grappler by nature, he was efficient with the use of his weapons.

Gomi, of course, isn’t known to fall so easily. Penn was asked to put his foot on the gas pedal as the two fought at a constant, action-packed pace.

The fight comes back to the mat in the third round, but this time Penn made sure to lock in dominance. He sets up a rear mount, gives a few unnoticed kicks to the back of Gomi’s head, and finally gets the rear choke naked.

“Governor Penn, November 2022” may or may not become a reality. And if you too prefer to remember the man at the top of his game, let’s go.

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