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The world’s most advanced in-game advertising platform Anzu .ioand Lumen Searchan attention technology company, today unveiled the collective results of research they conducted together across a series of mobile and PC campaigns over the past 12 months, examining the power of attention in advertising intrinsic to games.

The study used Lumen’s cutting-edge eye-tracking technology to monitor gamer attention levels in in-game ad campaigns across multiple ad categories, including automotive, education, energy, entertainment, fashion, CPG, QSR, retail and technology. Some of the brands that participated include Amazon, Dell, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Subway and EMPIRE.

Mike Follett, Managing Director of Lumen Research, said, “Anzu conducted attention tests with 5,000 respondents worldwide, giving them the richest and most robust attention dataset for advertising. about games in the world. This means we can speak with some confidence when we say that Anzu’s inventory delivers high attention, high recall, and significant shifts in brand perception and purchase intent for advertisers.

With 83% of in-game ads seen compared to Lumen’s benchmark of 62%, results show that gamers are 34% more likely to see an in-game ad than those placed on other digital channels like media social and websites.

Across studies, the average spontaneous ad recall was 36%, with top-performing campaigns reaching over 70%. When it comes to purchase intent, 61% said they would definitely or probably buy the brand in the future, which is a significant increase from 9%. When it comes to brand awareness, the studies found an average of 71% of test audiences, and 68% of test audiences also agreed that the ad was brand-appropriate. Overall, the research clearly demonstrates the intrinsic power of in-game advertising to help advertisers communicate effectively with massive in-game audiences and achieve their campaign goals.

On the results, Itamar Benedy, Co-Founder and CEO of Anzu, said, “These results clearly demonstrate the power of in-game advertising to drive attention which then converts into brand recall, favor and in purchase intent, demonstrating how brands can use in-game to reach consumers at every stage of the marketing funnel. By adding play to the marketing mix, advertisers can boost their campaigns, and with the new MRC and IAB guidelines just released, support has never been a more attractive proposition for advertisers. As we deliver more studies with Lumen, we look forward to sharing more research highlights, including benchmarks by advertiser category.

Peter Kadin, Senior Vice President of Marketing at EMPIRE, said: “In-game advertising has played a key role in

helping us get attention and excitement for our artists, with campaigns far beyond what we’re used to on other digital channels. Our latest in-game ad campaign generated an outstanding composite attention score that was 3.9x our desktop display benchmark, as well as 93% viewability on PC and 94% on mobile. The high attention levels and huge reach made our artist stand out in a hugely saturated market.