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50 years ago

It has been known for many decades that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere produces a “greenhouse effect” – the trapping of heat in the Earth’s lower atmosphere that can cause the temperature of the Earth’s surface to rise. This has often led to the prediction that if humans continue to increase the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere, for example by burning fossil fuels, the Earth’s surface temperature will rise enough to melt the ice caps and thus flooding many of the major cities.

Of Nature July 23, 1971

150 years ago

It is perhaps not as generally known as it should be that the Emperor of Brazil, now in this country, is an enthusiastic astronomer, and has an appreciation for the value of science that places him in the highest ranks. ranks among reigning rulers. Over the past week, he visited the Royal and Mr. Huggins’ Observatory, and in a lengthy interview with Mr. Lockyer discussed the directions of recent solar discoveries.

the Pall Mall Journal declares that the Emperor Napoleon is about to visit Mr. R. Newall, whose magnificent refractor has already been described in these pages. [For this description of the refactor telescope see]

Of Nature July 20, 1871

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