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Game Space will offer AirDrop Genesis badge NFTs for one billion Steam users

SINGAPORE, July 28, 2022 /CNW/ — Game Space, the industry’s first GameFi-as-a-Service platform, has announced that it will open an NFT AirDrop event for one billion Steam players, with the aim of rewarding the attention and interests of gaming users on Steam. Become the first step for a billion gamers to enter the world of Web3.

Users just need to download the Game Space Wallet app, log in and click the banner to link their Steam account on the homepage, then click to claim the reward.

Download Playspace Wallet:
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All Steam users are eligible to receive an exclusive Game Space badge, which is not for resale. Steam users who have signed up for less than a year may receive a bronze badge, Steam users who have signed up for 1-2 years may receive a bronze badge and Level1 Merge Bird NFT, and Steam users who have registered for 2-3 years can receive a Silver badge and a Level2 Merge Bird NFT, Steam users who have registered for more than 3 years can receive a Gold badge and a Level3 Merge Bird NFT.

Game Space may launch new utilities for badge holders in the next phase, such as whitelisting for future new games, eligibility to join subscription and invitation games, AirDrop tokens , etc.

Game Space CEO Michael said that “the most important factor for Steam gamers is user account registration time. It is intended for real users on Steam to receive AirDrop rewards, the goal is for Web2 gamers to enter the Web3 world and play GameFi games.”

Game Space hopes to connect Steam to its GaaS platform and become the first stop for one billion Web2 gamers to enter Web3. Players can freely switch between games across multiple platforms, bringing the Web3.0 open world to all mainstream gamers without any barriers.

Besides, Game Space can also help any game company to provide full range of technical and business support such as AirDrop marketing for mainstream gamers. Through the SDK provided by Game Space, development can enable games or game maker apps to have the same blockchain function as StepN in as little as 7 days, including in-built NFT market, multi-chain deployment and mystery boxes, auctions, AirDrops, and other primary market distribution functions.

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