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Guillermo Del Toro Trash talks Konami at the Game Awards

A subtle blow to Konami’s ego, but no less devastating

When the Artistic Direction category of the Game Awards 2021 arrived, a very special person announced the winner: Guillermo Del Toro. And in his introductory speech, he had something to say about a game he almost saw released.

Do you remember PT? The unforgettable “playable teaser” that hit the Internet in 2014? It was the world’s first look at Silent Hills, a game Konami… would put under the rug and never act. He and Kojima were major figures in the development of this game, and if their separation from Konami is anything to say …

Let’s just say it wasn’t on the best possible terms.

But back to the Game Awards. Like everyone else in his role, Del Toro gave an open speech on the topic of the day. It was about time he spoke of his own sources of inspiration. “You know, a franchise where I loved the art direction? Silent Hill,”Said Del Toro. “Hope we get a new one. “

One need only take a look at the absolute state of Konami’s recent ventures in the video game space to see where it throws a shadow. It’s a hope he has, of course. But he and the public know exactly where that hope will end.

Del Toro has a history of this sort of thing, making more than a few sarcastic comments on Twitter throughout the day. It’s been years since then, but Konami doesn’t seem to have changed much in the meantime. And so, neither does Del Toro. Considering the reception of newer games from Konami… Yes, gamers aren’t particularly sympathetic to the state of Konami. They’ve become a bit of an industry punching bag in some circles, but it’s a role Konami has made no effort to escape.