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Heo Sung Tae, actor of Jang Deok Su, talks about the trauma after the success of the Netflix series

Heo Sung Tae shared the most heartbreaking part of being a part of squid game despite its success.

squid game succeeded in bringing more Korean series and movies to international attention after conquering Netflix for the first time. It proved that despite the language barrier, Korean-made shows can offer different storylines that no show has ever given before.

The film tells the story of 456 players facing financial difficulties. They are invited to play deadly kids games, and only one player can win the cash prize worth $38 million.

The series went on to win various awards months after its release. Despite this, the cast members have been open about the dark side of fame.

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Heo Sung Tae Shares The Phobia He Had After Starring In squid game

Heo Sung Tae is currently a part of KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama, bloody heart.

Monday the team held an online production presentation. At that time, the actor apologized to Choi Ri due to the phobia he developed after squid game.

“After ‘Squid Game’, I developed a phobia of people, so I had to cancel a shoot with Choi Ri when we started shooting. It was a crunch time for me but I was able to overcome it. thanks to the director’s detailed description and sound advice,” he said.

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Apart from his mental health, he also sacrificed his physical appearance to fit the role.

He revealed one day that he had to to gain weight in a short time to play the role of Jang Deok Su. squid game director Hwang Dong Hyuk reportedly told him to go lean because the gangster visual is vital.

With this, he gained 15 to 17 kg before playing the role.

After squid game The stars have gone through the same struggles

Besides Heo Sung Tae, other cast members have already spoken about their struggles after doing the series.

Wi Ha Joon recently said Dazed Korea Magazine that he felt anxious as he always wants to be consistent and be humble with his smallest achievement in his life.

“I also think that maybe it’s just my nature. Rather than loving myself endlessly, I’m the type to scold myself, and I tend to be more nervous rather than overflowing with confidence,” did he declare.

Instead of enjoying popularity, he reportedly felt depressed remembering that audiences tend to forget an actor if they don’t see him again.

Actress Jung Ho Yeon also suffered the same fate, losing weight due to the rapid response she received from the public.

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