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Here’s how to download Cuphead, the sensational game for Android mobiles

cuphead is a video game currently downloading on a lot of android movies.jpg

In case you didn’t know him, Cuphead is a video game released at the end of 2017. which later garnered excellent reviews from critics, in addition to having better sales, actions that even earned it major awards and nominations.

Unfortunately, this game was not released for mobile devices and fans wanted to be able to enjoy it from there. However, there are always independent developers looking to create alternative versions of games and this time they succeeded with Cuphead.

Taking into account from the beginning that it is not an official version of the video game, the reality is that this new mobile version called Cuphead Mobile Fusion it’s quite similar to what an original might be.

Despite the fact that it might not be the same Cuphead that you would find on PS4 or PC, for example, it is a very decent and well-designed version for Android mobiles, with practically identical hardware or content to that from the original game, not to mention the outstanding graphics it has.

In this game, like in the original version, you will be allowed to play up to 4 different levels, called islands, in addition to also being able to play a final level called casino. All of these levels are in Cuphead itself, so you won’t have to download them separately if that’s what you thought.

Now, if you have in mind to download it on your Android mobile (versions 7.0 or higher), you can do it through this link, and from there start the installation APK of the game with MediaFire.

Of course, you must have a few GB of free space on your device, in order for the program to work at its best and there will be no problems when playing. Apart from this, the game usually gets updates from time to timethus ensuring that it will be perfected little by little over time.