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Hideo Kojima could unveil a VR title at the Tokyo Game Show

What is the madman doing now?

Hideo Kojima is easily one of the most unique and creative minds in the history of the video game industry. He was the one behind the shining Solid metal gear franchise, and now he is running his own business which has already made a unique success, Death Stranding. Pretty much everything Hideo does is going to be talked about endlessly because players know a special experience is coming next. We already know he’s making a new game title, but the question becomes, will he be showing off at the Tokyo Game Show this week?

This question didn’t pop up out of the blue, but because of a tweet featuring him wearing a VR headset and teasing what was to come on the next show.

Naturally, this led fans to speculate that he might be doing a VR title and could be shown on the show. Unfortunately for fans, this has already been proven wrong. Because if they had paid attention to another tweet from Hideo Kojima, they would have read this.

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting a new game from Kojima, but a view of his offices in VR. It’s not the worst thing ever, to be clear, but it’s not something many people were hoping for. Leave it to Kojima to get you thinking about one thing and then nudge you in another direction.

Now, to be fair, that doesn’t mean the title he’s working on for Xbox isn’t VR-enabled, especially if it’s going on the Xbox Game Pass which would make it available to play on PC. This, however, means that it will not be a dedicated VR title. One can only imagine the kind of concoctions Kojima would concoct if he decided to get into the VR space to create something new and special. Knowing him, he would spend a lot of time trying to perfect not only how you would navigate the VR world, but what you would actually do there as a whole.

After all, Kojima is famous – and infamous – for wanting to give players not just a deep story, but a real experience to tie it all together, even if it’s not exactly what you think you’re getting. What has been massively proven by Death Strandingwhich, ironically, was the title that many thought could get the VR experience.

Either way, we’re sure its unique VR experience will be enjoyed by those attending the Tokyo Game Show. When he’s ready to talk about his new game, we’ll be ready to hear what he has to say.

Source: Twitter