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Hideo Kojima’s studio will host a VR space at the Tokyo Game Show

Kojima Productions is participating in a virtual reality exhibit at the Tokyo Game Show next month.

As announced earlier today on August 16, the Death Stranding developer will appear at the Tokyo Game Show in a rather special capacity. According to the tweet below, Tokyo Game Show will host a virtual reality space alongside the physical show next month in September, and Kojima Productions will be involved in the exhibit in some way.

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At this time, we don’t know in what capacity Hideo Kojima’s main studio will appear in the virtual space. The developer could simply insert a life-size statue of Death Stranding protagonist actor Norman Reedus into the VR space for viewers to browse, or they could set up a larger booth in the space.

Some of the responses to the Twitter announcement above are a bit confusing, so it’s worth clarifying that this is absolutely not the studio’s VR game reveal. Kojima Productions is just participating in the VR aspect of the Tokyo Game Show, in addition to the physical exhibit hall, where viewers can purchase items from their merchandise booth.

Also, it’s worth remembering that it’s not a guarantee that the developer will reveal anything new about its current projects in the VR space. As Kojima himself announced earlier this year, the studio is collaborating with Microsoft to develop an all-new game leveraging the studio’s cloud-based technology. We will be in the dark about this project for a little longer at least.

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