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Homeworld 3 action-packed gameplay trailer debuts at Game Awards

On Game Awards 2021, Gearbox Publishing and developer Blackbird Interactive released the first gameplay trailer for Homeworld 3. As you would expect from a Homeworld game, the video teases massive space battles and exploring strange new star systems, all spanning generations. after the events of Homeworld 2.

As for the story, Gearbox and Blackbird Interactive have revealed that the Homeworld 3 campaign is set in a galaxy that has experienced an era of plenty thanks to the Hyperspace Gate network, with the exception of the occasional war cycles that arise from time to time. in time. The gates have started to fail though, and the key to the mystery that threatens the future of the entire galaxy lies in Karan S’jet, the Hiigaran leader from the previous Homeworld game.

“Homeworld 3 is the realization of the vision of what we set out to create in the Homeworld series, with modern technology allowing us to go beyond our wildest dreams of dynamic large-scale space combat filled with emotional sci-fi stories, ”Blackbird Interactive CEO – as well as Homeworld and Homeworld 2 art director Rob Cunningham said in a press release. “We couldn’t be more excited to kick off the most in-depth gameplay review yet with the amazing Homeworld community and the world at the Game Awards. We have many more exciting details to share next year. as we prepare for the launch of this next massive chapter. “

Blackbird Interactive added that classic Homeworld strategy gameplay now works on an even greater scale than ever before, with environments presenting new dangers such as gigantic space wrecks called megaliths, the remnants of an ancient civilization that crafty players can. transform into ambush points. Homeworld 3 also aims to take full advantage of modern and powerful hardware to render new ship designs and parameters.

Homeworld 3


New gameplay features will continue to deepen the series’ strategic approach, as your fleet persists from mission to mission and each ship bears the scars of war on its hull. Outside of the single-player campaign, you can expect multiplayer options like 1v1, all-out or squad combat, and tactical squad action in an all-new co-op mode with a roguelike twist. Homeworld 3 will be released worldwide in Q4 2022 on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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