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Locals named to President’s List at Georgia State University

To be eligible for the President’s List during the summer semester, students seeking a degree with a minimum Georgia State University GPA of 2.00 must achieve a GPA of 4.0 for semester and complete at least 6 semester hours of academic credit with no incomplete.

Students named to the Douglas County President’s List include:

• Tiffany Padilla-Cilio from Lithia Springs

• Chrysae Robinson of Lithia Springs

• Laila Atkins from Douglasville

• Taliyah Baptiste from Douglasville

• Camryn Bierria from Douglasville

• Natalie Pimentel from Douglasville

• Makayla Smith from Douglasville

• Sandws Ahmady de Lithia Springs

• Brethanie Bananao from Douglasville

• Sarai Brooks from Douglasville

• Gaëlle Burton from Douglasville

• Jonathan Dumas from Douglasville

• Victor Gulley of Winston

• Tyler Harris from Douglasville

• Savanna Keller from Douglasville

• Ethan Lopez from Lithia Springs

• Séverine Louis from Douglasville

• Cassandra Ramos from Douglasville

• Eboni Richardson from Douglasville

• Jennelle Rowser from Douglasville

• Evan Shadix from Douglasville

• Damiana Villanueva from Lithia Springs

• Battle of Jacob de Douglasville

• Samantha Henderson from Douglasville

• Jailyn Johnson of Lithia Springs

• Kelia Pardo from Douglasville

• Deanna Rodriguez from Douglasville

• Jeremy Ernst from Douglasville

• Peter Oyekunle from Douglasville

• Madiena Asisullah from Lithia Springs

• Jailen Corbin from Douglasville

• Fhan-Toe Hodge from Douglasville

• Kerry-Ann James of Lithia Springs

• Janasia Lewis from Douglasville

• Ariana Castro from Douglasville

• Savy Altamirano from Lithia Springs

• Oksana Harrington from Douglasville

• Olivia Jarrett from Douglasville

• Nhu Nguyen from Douglasville

• Marguerite Pinto from Douglasville

• Morgan Sackman of Douglasville

• Mai Han Tran from Douglasville

• Christopher Hayes from Douglasville

• Joseph Vaughns of Douglasville

Locals named on Georgia State University Dean’s List

To be eligible for the Dean’s List during the summer semester, students seeking a degree with a minimum Georgia State GPA of 2.00 must achieve a GPA of 3.50 for the semester. and complete at least 6 semester hours of academic credit without incomplete.

Students on the Douglas County Dean’s List include:

• Korie Amritt from Douglasville

• Robert Swindle of Lithia Springs

• Ryan White from Douglasville

• Tiffany Beasley of Douglasville

• Princess Bonsu of Douglasville

• Hannah Brooks from Douglasville

• Allendria Brown from Douglasville

• Tanielia Campbell from Douglasville

• Danielle room in Douglasville

• Muhammad Khan of Douglasville

• Alejandra Landaverde from Douglasville

• Wajeeha Mehr from Douglasville

• Taylor Morgan of Lithia Springs

• Daniel Navarro from Douglasville

• Julie Nguyen from Douglasville

• Taylor Nixon of Lithia Springs

• Sima Saeed from Douglasville

• David Shepard from Douglasville

• Tahlar Bones from Douglasville

• Leah Davis from Douglasville

• Leslie Magallanes from Douglasville

• Bethany McCullough of Douglasville

• Markel McKenzie from Douglasville

• Leah Terry from Douglasville

• Jessica Washington from Lithia Springs

• Sarah Célestin from Douglasville

• Alyssa Porter from Douglasville

• Morgan Brown from Douglasville

• Jere’Al Dorsey – Emodiae of Lithia Springs

• Chinedu Nwosu from Douglasville

• Eunice Villanueva from Lithia Springs

• Tiffany Bell from Douglasville

• Peris Kagua from Douglasville

• Troy Telfer of Lithia Springs

• Susan Trejo-Garcia from Lithia Springs

• Katelyn Burton from Douglasville

• James JN-Noël from Douglasville

• Andrew Thompson of Lithia Springs

• Brittany Brayton from Douglasville

• Jake W. Coldiron from Douglasville

Locals graduate from Georgia College

Dr Steve Dorman, president of Georgia College, awarded degrees to the class of August 2021.

• Caroline Baccus from Lithia Springs

• Richard Freeman from Douglasville

• Angela Klein from Douglasville

• Sharon Moran of Winston

• Savannah Todd from Douglasville

Georgia College, the state-designated public liberal arts university, combines the educational experience expected at reputable private liberal arts colleges with the affordability of public higher education.

The inhabitants are graduates of the State of Valdosta

Valdosta State University is proud to announce the members of its summer 2021 class. This includes the following region residents:

• Mustapha Cabbell from Douglasville obtained the Doctorate in Education in Curriculum and Teaching

• Joshua Carmichael of Douglasville obtained the title of Education Specialist in Physical Education Coaching Education

• Jared Lawhorn of Lithia Springs graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology

• Jennifer Ramsey from Douglasville obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Over 550 students completed their studies during the 2021 summer semester.

Record 149 cadets attend advanced camp at UNG

A University of North Georgia (UNG) record 149 rising senior cadets completed the Army Forward Camp at Fort Knox, Ky, this summer. A year earlier, the camp was canceled due to COVID-19 and converted to Operation Agile Leader for one year.

The students of the UNG Cadet Corps were grateful to be part of the 38-day forward camp where the U.S. Army Cadet Command tested their military and leadership skills. This allowed the cadet command to assess their skills as future officers. The camp is compulsory for all cadets who request a commission as a military officer.

• Kayla Danley of Winston has completed the forward camp.

• Delphina Djumeni from Douglasville has completed the forward camp.

• Jorge Isidoro-Galeno of Douglasville has completed the forward camp.

A record 33 UNG cadets have earned the Recondo Badge, which is awarded to cadets who demonstrate superior skill by exceeding standards in all camp activities.

Cadet Captain Hayley Farmer, a resident of Griffin, Ga, pursuing a degree in criminal justice, received the USAA Warrior Ethos Award, which is given to a cadet in each of the 11 regiments in the camp.

After the advanced camp, she helped young cadets supervise the base camp, also at Fort Knox. She said her time in the Cadet Corps made summer activities “second nature.”

“Camp reassured me that attending UNG was the best decision I’ve made in my career so far,” Farmer said.

With the Leadership Development Program (LDP) that UNG cadets experienced throughout their junior year, they were ready for whatever the military presented them at Fort Knox.

“Our cadres are the best in the country,” Cadet Col. Ryan Jones said of the UNG military instructors. “They know how to work with cadets and give us the reality of what the Army is.

Jones, a senior from Richmond, Va., Pursuing a degree in strategic and security studies, is the 2021-2022 brigade commander who leads the corps’ more than 700 members.

Cadet Lt. Col. Callie Regal, an elder from Dalton, Ga, pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, will command the Second Battalion of the UNG Cadet Corps over the next academic year. She enjoyed the teamwork at Advanced Camp.

“Everyone has their own piece to offer,” said Regal. “You can learn so much from the people around you. You can always ask questions.”

Major Joshua Larson, an assistant professor of military science at the UNG, said the pressure from Advanced Camp has helped army officers like him assess the leadership potential of future officers.

“The performance was seen, but the potential was where the executive came in with their own knowledge and experience,” said Larson. “Tactics were a way to increase or decrease the intensity of cadets in leadership positions to get good observations.

The cohesive approach by which the corps provides opportunities for cadets to lead their own training and events has proven to be beneficial once they reach the high stakes environment.

Cadet Captain Terrance Dorsey, a resident of Jonesboro, Ga. Pursuing a degree in sociology, was excited to develop his skills and help others do the same.

“The time in the field has helped me understand my leadership style,” said Dorsey. “I saw how I function when I am stressed and how other people function when they are stressed.”

Springer receives scholarship at Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University awarded Jamie Springer of Douglasville, Georgia, the Melvene Hardee Endowment Scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Springer is one of nearly 300 currently enrolled, freshman, or transfer students selected to receive a scholarship through VSU Foundation Inc. These scholarships were created by private donors and are awarded annually to students. having excellent academic results and / or having financial need. . Each recipient represents the high standards of the university.

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