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Hosts, concept, release date and what to know

From EastEnders, Danny Dyer wastes no time filling his diary. Next, he’s set to host a quiz show for Netflix. Called To cheat, the upcoming series comes with quite the twist. Rather than facing a set of rules of the game, contestants will be expected, encouraged, and willing to cheat to win the prize money. Think Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? but you are supposed having someone coughing in the audience, like Charles and Diana Ingram did in 2001. (A story so sensational it was later dramatized by ITV, starring Michael Sheen, Matthew Macfayden and Sian Clifford. But I m ‘misplace…) Here’s everything we know about Netflix’s new game show, To cheat, until now.

the To cheat Concept

Netflix UK has announced the new quiz series via Twitter on May 16. The synopsis describes To cheat as a “high-stakes game show where contestants can literally cheat to win a fortune…as long as they don’t get caught!” Plus, a “show that rewards both brains and bloopers.”

Four players will be present in each episode, ready to put their knowledge to the test. Over three rounds, correct answers are rewarded with an increasing jackpot. Players will also be eliminated at each stage. The last one standing pockets a windfall of up to £50,000. Unlike standard game shows, Netflix explained, “There’s a crucial twist in this all-new game show…if you don’t know the answer…it pays to To cheat!”

To cheat Presenters

Assuming the duties of Chris Tarrant for To cheat are Danny Dyer, great EastEnders fame, and Ted Lasso starEllie Taylor. “There is no game show better suited for me,” Dyer said in a statement. “Expect massive payouts, loads of slippery people cheating and joking with the one and only, Ellie Taylor.” While Taylor says she’s excited for the “shameless cheating” and “Danny Dyer calls me ‘Treacle’ at least once an episode.”

To cheat Release date

Netflix has revealed that the quiz series will be filmed in front of studio audiences and is slated for release in 2023, but we don’t know much else at this time. Watch this place.

This post will be updated with additional details as more information becomes available. To cheat becomes available.