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HT Brunch Game Show: Which creator best fights the need for validation?

Yashraj Mukhate, 26 years old, Music Producer and Content Creator

Yashraj focuses on his craft to deal with anxiety

Do likes and comments make you feel validated?

People are on social media for this validation! It’s even better when it comes from someone you look up to.

Has that sense of validation faded?

No. But if there was no validation on social networks, I would not publish the music I make.

And when you don’t get the validation you’re looking for?

I make more content. The key is not to depend on this validation to a point that affects your life choices. Or you will go crazy.

How do you deal with the anxiety it brings?

As soon as I feel that anxiety or insecurity, I go back to my studio and focus on practicing my craft, no matter how long it takes. Because it gives me security, satisfaction and the belief that even if social media doesn’t exist one day, I will still be able to do something good.

Anchal Agrawal, Digital content creator, entrepreneur and comedian

Rajeev Massand

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Usaamah uses her anxiety to work through her insecurities

Do likes and comments make you feel validated?

They did it in their debut, nine years ago.

Has that sense of validation faded?

Yes. It gradually died out. Social media is a race, a race that won’t let you stop if you start. Which can be mentally taxing for someone who can’t see conversations about the work they do. So, instead of numbers, which will never be enough, I focus on what I publish.

And when you don’t get the validation you’re looking for?

It is difficult to stay true to what you do in a space where everything depends on the validation of others. When the lack of validation returns, I think back to everything I’ve done and loved.

How do you deal with the anxiety it brings?

I’m not sure how I speak, so I don’t make videos that require me to talk a lot. I now try to show my true self, which contributes to the resulting anxiety.

And the winners are…Yashraj, Aanchal and Usaamah

“The only validation that matters is yours”

“I agree with all of them. I’m a firm believer in authenticity,” says Karishma, who says that for her, after eight years leading Humans Of Bombay, validation now stops at herself. “When you just want to impress you, you showcase your voice in a shameless and relentless way. And people appreciate it. Don’t think people are only impressed by the numbers,” she adds.

There was a time when comments bothered her. “Creators must detach themselves from social networks. Once you’ve posted, don’t keep checking for likes. You can control yourself, your voice and the way you present yourself. You can’t please everyone on social media. Over time, you’ll build that niche that includes you.

And it’s okay if you lose subscribers because it wouldn’t have served you long term anyway,” Karishma concludes.

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From HT Brunch, September 17, 2022

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