Hudson throws two scoreless innings into start of minor league rehab for Cardinals | Cardinals of Saint-Louis

The pirates part ways with Polanco

The Pirates also took a step in nominating for veteran outfielder Gregory Polanco, who was waived last week but was unclaimed, possibly because of his big contract. Now he can be signed for the minimum and the Cardinals at least seem to have some interest in Polanco having represented 11 of his 36 points beaten this year against the Cardinals and also hitting three of his 11 home runs against them. He had three hits against the Cardinals in his last start with the Pirates on Thursday, but has produced just 0.208 overall this season.

Lester, Mikolas, Happ against the reds

While Shildt hasn’t made it official, he has suggested that left-hander Jon Lester, right-hander Miles Mikolas and left-hander JA Happ will work, in order, in Cincinnati Monday through Wednesday in a series in which the Cardinals must have. at least two wins.

List extension

The Cardinals, like other teams, can expand to 28 players – not 40, as they did on Wednesday, September 1.

Shildt said the club have no plans to bring another catcher but will wear one in their taxi team. It is possible that two pitchers can be brought among the minors.

“We’ve had to do a lot of work in our reliever box lately,” said Shildt.

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