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Introducing the Compete-to-Earn trend with Thrilling Space SIP Game V2.0: PVP combat and more

With that in mind, Space SIP (SIP), an innovative non-fungible token (NFT) space battleship game, took the Compete-to-Earn trend further with its PVP battle mode and balance updates. economical in game. In this version, Space SIP gives you the opportunity to play for free and compete to win huge PVP prizes. This is a significant step forward in allowing people to earn money while enjoying exciting moments in their gaming experience.

Compete-to-Earn – the epitome of traditional games in the blockchain world

PVP Combat is where a player bets $SIP tokens against another player to fight on the space battlefield and compete to win various rewards. After selecting your starship battle fleet and PVP ticket, you will be randomly matched against an opponent ready to fight. You can select your fleet’s position, attack opponent’s spaceships, and even use stickers to interact or distract your opponent, making every fight incredibly exciting and hard to anticipate.

Space SIP’s PVP feature elevates participants to a new level of strategy and competitive rivalry for great prizes. Players can compete for four different types of prizes, including:

  • PVP battle reward: $SIP tokens and stat upgrade for NFTs joining the battle
  • PvP Ranking Reward: Up to $3,500 Valuable rewards and NFTs for top players, which increase after each season
  • PVP Ranking Reward: Meteors for exchanging in-game items, stickers for use in battles, and upgrading to Ultimate Sticker NFT
  • Spirit Reward: Extremely exciting, interactive and thrilling experience for anyone who enters the Warzone

Additionally, Space SIP’s PVP has a FREE mode allowing users to play unlimited free battles without having to wager $SIP tokens while still being able to compete and earn leaderboard and leaderboard rewards. In other words, the opportunity to play the game and win money is open to everyone.

Space SIP CEO Tuan Nguyen said, “With the PVP battle mode and other advancements in the Space SIP ecosystem, we aim to breathe new life into the GameFi sector. Players not only get the chance to play for FREE, compete for huge rewards, but also to earn jaw-dropping moments, satisfying gameplay, and unforgettable achievements.”

About Space SIP

Launched in 2021, Space SIP is an NFT incubation project by Poolz and also the first gaming project to receive a grant from the $500,000 Poolz grant program for promising NFT and Metaverse projects. They are backed by leading names in the industry including Poolz, Poolz Ventures, X21 Digital, Verichains, Titans Ventures, ICO Pantera, Basics Capital, Kardia Ventures, Oxbull, Orion, etc. The game is developed by a team of 10+ years of software development experience combined with 5 years of blockchain work. Space SIP is proud and confident to bring the best gaming product to the community.

This summer, get ready for an upcoming blockbuster June 27 – the launch of Space SIP 2.0 – Battle Mode PVP and beyond. The first PVP season, Rise of Champions, is also set to welcome brilliant players with all sorts of enticing incentives. Please visit Space SIP social media for the latest instructions and detailed information:

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