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‘It takes two’: The Game Awards 2021 Game of the Year sells 5 million copies

The 2021 Games Award champion proves his dominance through market sales. “It Takes Two” records more than 5 million sales in less than a year after its release!

Hazelight Studios recently tweeted their incredible sales on their social media page. The team pointed out that they have sold over “5 million copies of It Takes Two”. The team also said they were “absolutely stunned just to think about how many players have now enjoyed our game.”

For reference, their sales in October 2021 were around 3 million copies. This implies a massive sale of 2 million in less than four months!

Successful games: opinion on “It takes two”

PCgamer noted that Oscar-hating game director Joseph Fares teased an upcoming film adaptation. According to sources, this could be a major topic for bidding wars between Hollywood studios. Unfortunately, official details of this project have yet to be announced.

Twitter fans showed their support for the game by commenting on its sales report announcement. A fan showed off a cosplay photo for the game.

Another fan shared photos of his favorite scenes from “It Takes Two.”

Twitter user Game Tales noted that if the game has sold 5 million copies, that implies there should be over 10 million players in the game!

Notably, many couples enjoyed the game.

A fan has speculated that “It Takes Two” derives its popularity from its unique cooperative structure.

Another fan shared that he had fun playing the game with his wife.

Twitter user Halojunck called it a well-deserved achievement.

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Game of the Year 2021: Should You Play ‘It Takes Two’

As mentioned earlier, “It Takes Two” is the 2021 Game Award winner. It’s an action-adventure platformer about a divorced couple trying to mend their relationship for the sake of their daughter.

What makes this game particularly unique is its two-player gameplay. Be warned that this does not have a solo option, so players must play with another person or search for a partner online. The pair will work together to solve the puzzles in the game.

Along with the unique puzzles, “It Takes Two” features an engaging storyline. Many fans have pointed out that the game correctly promotes teamwork in both lore and gameplay. “It Takes Two” is currently on sale for $19.99 on the Microsoft Marketplace, so interested fans can grab it now.

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