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‘Jenshin Impact’ Fans Have Fun With Last Night’s Game Awards Mispronunciation

Genshin Impact was recognized as the best mobile game at the Game Awards last night, which was fine and correct. But what most viewers probably remember is how the announcer pronounced the title of the game. Instead of using the hard “g” sound, she pronounced it using the “g” soft. Rather than being mean about it, the Genshin community widely rejoiced at the hilarious mistake of a non-Genshin player. Even the official Twitter account couldn’t resist participating in the meme.

This isn’t the first time The Game Awards have represented Genshin incorrectly due to occasional negligence. On November 16, a piercing gaze Kotaku writer remark this Genshin Impact was nominated for the Best Ongoing Game… award under studio Square Enix (rather than miHoYo, the game’s current developer). Two blunders isn’t much, but it’s weird that The Game Awards have repeatedly slipped with the same game. Especially for an ongoing game that has the level of global cultural influence that Genshin Is.

“Jenshin Impact” has been trending since last night, and the community seems to have make peace with what happened. Same many Genshin voice actors are make jokes on this subject. One player sums it up best:

The Game Awards have been exciting for Genshin players for a very different reason. The game distributes free premium currency to players in honor of its victory. While the Genshin The community is actually many communities hidden under a trench coat, free primogems are the one thing that unites them all.

miHoYo also unveiled a new trailer for Genshin Impact at the Game Awards. It didn’t contain any new content until the very end, when Yun Jin’s game model was first introduced. Yun Jin is an upcoming geo polearm playable character set to release shortly after Itto’s limited-time banner. Her appearance was already revealed last month, so the trailer was just a bit of teaser content for those who were already anticipating her.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before we can access it in Jenshin Impact.