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Jimmy Carr gives contestant £18,000 after game show error

There was a mistake on Jimmy Carr’s show. (Getty)

Jimmy Carr has paid a game show participant £18,000 after a huge mistake in his new program saw the supermarket worker miss out on the prize money.

I literally just told you sees the contestants put their memories to the test when they have to recall information they’ve already heard earlier on the show.

An epic mistake in a recent episode saw Sainsbury’s worker Eddy questioned about something he hadn’t been briefed on – meaning he didn’t pocket the £18,000 prize and is returned home disappointed.

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However, when the mistake was exposed, Carr acknowledged the show had “messed up” and he has now rectified the gaffe.

Eddy, who is from Glasgow, had been invited One last time the exact age of singer Ariana Grande.

He struggled to find the answer, which is 28, but it turned out that it hadn’t been mentioned anyway.

Realizing the mistake, Channel 4 invited Eddy to one of comedian Carr’s concerts in London, where he was invited on stage.

Jimmy Carr is launching a new game show.  (Channel 4)

There was a gaffe in Jimmy Carr’s new game show. (Channel 4)

Carr then explained the gaffe and handed over a check.

“I have something to tell you,” he told Eddy as the contestant joined the star on stage at The O2.

“I have something to confess.

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“You lost money on a question, it was Ariana Grande’s age. We talked about her age, but we never gave you the exact age.

“So we screwed up and when you make mistakes in life, you have to own up to your mistakes.”

He then handed over a check for £18,000 as Eddy cried, “Oh my God!”

Jimmy Carr attending the British Takeaway Awards held at the Savoy Hotel, The Strand in London.  (Photo by Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

The comedian presented a check to the candidate. (Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

“Eddy, I have a question for you… You just won £18,000, but how do you know that?” Carr continued.

“Because Jimmy, you literally just told me,” Eddy replied.

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